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Not Quite an “IT” Girl …

We can’t all have it down at once: looks, intelligence, reputation, confidence, love, and pride. If you want to be a good example to others it starts with how you live your life not just by sharing your thoughts about life. Reflecting is easy, to describe your life as it was, living is more difficult. The less you complicate your understandings of life the better off you’ll be. Certain things should be automatic to you, how you feel, your sleep schedule, or you take meds, such as myself. What’s really disconcerting is when our automatic skills in life get tampered with, triggered, when others bring out the worst in us, had we not heard from them or talked to them would not be feeling the way we are feeling now, tired, drained, and out of sorts. Just stay positive, focus on yourself, and don’t worry too much what other people think. I was once told “your reputation starts in law school,” and have just graduated from law school with all this happening in life, has been a very painful experience to say the least bullying and defamation. I’m not sure where I stand with my audience I just know that if I flounder get sick self-harm or fail the only person I’ll be letting down in life is myself. Even if no one thinks highly of you, think highly of yourself.


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