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Too Much …

Sometimes I can’t get enough of myself and sometimes I look back and go what was I thinking. Sometimes it just gets to be too much. Too much sharing, too much caring, and opening up too much. I probably just need to set limits for myself in life. Figure out my stopping points, and not get too experimental with my image online. The main goal is to create work that your proud of. You can’t go back, sure you can delete, but that doesn’t erase the discomfort of embarrassment. At what point do we say, I’m feeling this, but I’m not going to talk about this. As a writer it’s so hard to keep secrets to yourself you feel the need to share everything. It’s not required for you to build trust in that way. Just stay true to yourself. Learn to enjoy the simple things in life. Today I feel calm yesterday emotional, bipolar feels just like that. Some days you are yourself and some days you don’t understand yourself or why your over expressing emotions and feelings you’re not feeling on a daily basis. Probably just needs therapy. Much to overcome. Happy where I am in life but still a work in progress.

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