An Image You’re Proud Of …

My best advice is to create an image of yourself you’re proud of, then overtime you get to be more and more yourself online without scaring anyone away. Be mature. What’s most important is that you demonstrate first your level of professionalism online and attention to detail. That’s what makes you comforting to be read, that you put the time and the effort into being known, and if you put the time and effort into being known then others will be more likely to put the time and the effort into getting to know you. Ever notice the most confident people are outspoken and don’t seem to care what anyone else thinks? Yeah I’ve wondered the same thing too, how come they get to speak that way, how come if I sound like that no one takes me seriously or thinks I’m into myself or being cocky. It depends on who you are, we only get afforded so many opportunities in life to shine amongst the rest, you are no different, we all have to earn our stripes. Blogging is a wonderful job opportunity for those who wish to work from home, it just takes a lot of hard-work and it’s a very tough uphill climb to build an audience. If you love what you do and are passionate about your progress and what you have to offer the world then maybe blogging is the job for you. If you have nothing to talk about and don’t know where to get started maybe means you need more experience in the work force before you decide to give up applying for jobs. Income? I haven’t figured that much out yet in life, it’s pretty sad. Loves to blog but doesn’t know how to earn a wage. I think we all grow at different paces in life, no matter what your passions are in life stick to it, you never know where you’ll end up in life with a positive attitude. That’s the main goal. Looking like you’re going places in life and be someone who eventually achieves in life, earns a wage, and actually becomes the person they are on paper, mature, respectable, confident, and worth meeting in life. If you’re worth meeting in life chances are you will eventually connect with the right people in life, and have your dreams come true. -You cannot be in two places at once, that is stuck in the past while trying to move forward. So learn from your mistakes do your very best to be present, and take it one day at a time until you’re keeping a calendar making appointments setting up interviews, and becoming the business woman you thought you could be in life, managing a practice (or a blog), taking care of clients (or readers), and giving advice online (life advice not legal advice), that’s how I’m making the best out of my education and helping others.

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