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You Time …

There’s you time and there is avoidance there’s listening and there’s not responding there’s guilt and there’s annoyance depending on what your goals are in life never fill your plate to high or pile on more cares than you can manage. What is doing the right thing. Allowing for things to happen or saying “I’m not gonna stand for that.” Then there’s you as connected with the responsibility not to interfere with the good will of the organizations that seek to protect their members and clients, that’s when your right to express stops, when your expressions fail to vocalize anything that helps including your image how you feel how you look and based upon your wellness have the potential to affect others. That’s the difference between when it’s easy to be around you versus finding yourself alone. I can’t explain the causes for feeling gone and never quite understood why I ever felt sick and never understood the distance between my companions and I maybe they were just focused on themselves maybe they saw enough and were fine on their own with enough positive insight to keep going in life with or without me. It’s very hurtful when you are in a trusted relationship and don’t hear from someone it never quite feels deserved I’m sure I wasn’t the strongest representation of wellness throughout my life sometimes people learn to know you better than you have shared to them and that’s when a bond is lost. Give it time. If you’re hard to accept if there’s something about your past you’re embarrassed by or were made to feel shame about them that’s someone “disappointed” in you. That doesn’t mean that that past is relevant to now, that doesn’t mean delete, erase, remove, tear up, or throw in the trash, something that’s causing you worry it could be something special if saved could later help better tell your story without the unnecessary disappointment. No one will ever tell you how to live life or what to be proud of and you will never know how many lives know you until it’s calculated online. Don’t future trip, if someone does not trust you or thinks your past is silly or doesn’t take you seriously that doesn’t mean be embarrassed. Whoever loves you will be proud of you especially recognize you when well. Never put too much pressure on anyone to fix you you have to realize your potential on your own no one will sit there and watch you or cheer you on or give you advice in case you get lost, that’s being a strong companion, not questioning them, giving them space, and managing your thoughts in a journal, doing step work, living a private life, and not cater to any audiences in life take anything personally. If it’s not about you, just let the confidences of others ride, don’t worry about the happiness of others, just be happy for others, most don’t have life figured out that much well in advance to meeting you. Just appreciate who’s around and who supports you when and where.


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