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In That Moment of Doubt …

In that moment of doubt with your fears at bay, is when you need to remind yourself of all that you are, sometimes that’s all it takes to move forward in life. Recognition of the past without allowing what has happened to keep you from being present in the moment, and value the person you are today. If you can’t go back in time to fix what is broken, then put that issue aside, take a mental note of what needs work, and leave it at that. We all bottle up sometimes, and it can an overwhelming experience on your own to piecemeal your past, your transgressions, and know your part. Sometimes in accepting your own weaknesses in life, can lead us to feel unappreciated, defeated, unmotivated, that quiet struggle is not unique to you and the more you can normalize what you’ve been through the less alone you’ll feel, that’s acceptance. So while you may be craving things in life you think will make you feel better it starts with you, in acceptance of yourself, to the point you don’t even feel like discussing what you’ve been through to the point where it no longer matters what you’ve been through, that’s being honest with yourself. The more comfortable you are with your progress the less the past matters as being indicative of some future happening like your past is in store for someone future capable of loving you just the way you are. We all have bad experiences in life mostly when we are alone thinking too much about life or by being too hard on ourselves. It’s a gift to be around people and to completely forget what you went through when you went through it and to grow past the trauma of feeling alone in the world without a companion or friend in life to share your progress with. Being alone is not the solution to your problems, we all need work, the more time you spend getting to know yourself the easier it will be to socialize with others without all your problems spilling out in an awkward way, in an uncomfortable way, in an insecure way, or in an aggravated way, ever feel forced to talk about things you’re not prepared to talk about or not willing to discuss at length. It’s your business, your privacy, your life, live at your own pace there’s no rush to be someone, end up places in life, or outshine whatever standards have been set by others, it’s you competing with your best, so stay focused, don’t worry what others things, know that you can and will overcome whatever obstacles get thrown your way, and never give up on yourself no matter how challenging the times get.

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