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We say we’re going to do a lot of things in life but how much of the work we want to do actually gets done. Sometimes we go through phases of wanting more for ourselves yet fail to arrive at our expected destinations in life, either thinking too much or too little about the road ahead. How diligent do you need to be to make sure things go right for you in life? While we’d like to think we’re set how many of us are actually where we want to be in life and when you get there what will you do to make sure you keep going in your chosen direction headed in life. You have to have some system down for interpretation, under the obstacles that limit your understandings in life and do your best to be in avoidance of things that bring you down in life, you are what you focus on. “When the going gets tough the tough gets going,” seems to always be the case about those who are able to move forward compared to those who keep trying to revise their pasts to make their problems in life seem so teeny tiny in comparison to other people’s problems be non-chalant about things that really did matter to us that we downplayed later on in life to act like that wasn’t a big deal experience in life. Yes, all experiences matter those are big experiences and it’s okay to have big experiences in life and it’s okay to have big problems too that may only seem like big problems to you. Have faith. There will always be time to reflect, meditate, be mindful, backtrack, problem solve, journal, and talk about life what else is there to talk about other than our life and the lives of others, it’s the bread and butter of all conversations, and there’s no shame in thinking too much about your own life or the lives of others, that’s totally okay to think about others to think about yourself and to think about the past and to think about your future, just don’t overwhelm yourself!


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