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What Can Make Being Well Liked Difficult …

Theres no one way to demonstrate care, but once it becomes a fight or a race, that’s something worth figuring out on your own, whats going wrong and make sure that you are doing everything right. Life is not premade not in a book, or by any disclosure that allows for the perfect assembly of everything else, at some point someone gets misidentified then that system fails, so know who you are and who you are not for starter, because once you are not liked that’s when people start having a problem with you, why are you in peoples lives, or what are your causes for giving up, and (in my life): once you stop what you are doing that I lose power in life (its in question, or with reservation, or blame), a change in me that gets misidentified as a time gap to be the cause of anyone elses uncertainty, its that space of discomfort that cannot be corrected by connecting with anyone, there will always be something keeping you away from those who are well, and thats having problems in life whether or not its your fault, or something you have said, its your faith in yourself that needs to be restored not by identification of anyone elses struggles in life, dont try to make an example of yourself, or let anyone else be convinced that their treatment of you is what doing you wrong is what will make things go right for others, it will be by what you dont know in life that could be the reassuring fact in watching you flounder, thinking that it was deserved, its not a situation you can convince or negotiate anyone from not feeling or thinking what they think to be the right decision for themselves, thats something that your happiness should not be based on what makes anyone feel happy to just be themselves, its not anything that needs to be identified or criticized, if its a new condition: rejection, then that means you did the right thing not dating anyone or making your life affect anyone in the negative be considered a reject too. When there is allowance for you to be well, allow for that time to pass, and return back to normal, its always in what is not said that is guessed, and thats the later happening in life worth sticking around for, not getting stuck on thinking about anyone who does not think well of you, its everyones right to remain well no matter what anyone seems to be struggling with and cant figure out on their own. When you have a problem or a mental health issues that cannot be fixed by meds, that doesn’t mean its a social issue or can be fixed by being connected to anyone important, and thats when you have to let go in life, not bring anyone down with you. Thats a simple fact about life, you are either fun to be around and a positive person, or you are down in the dumps, or not anyone that anyone wants to be surrounded by in life, has things going for themselves in life, so forgive that much, and not take the attitude of others toward you so personally, thats not jealousy, thats just them not seeing your total worth as a person, or understand why you are well, no one gets well being bad, a bad friend, or a bad person, all people suffer when they have less, its not a new concept about life, forgiveness, and friendship. Thats something weight loss cannot solve another unhappiness with you, so until you learn what it feels like to be unhappy or not know whats wrong, do your best to correct whats broken with you, and leave everyone else as they were, maybe minus you in life (alone time, recovery time = space, thats normal). So how short is that time period. For example: If everything you say is to be connected to be about, it will not be in the secrets you keep but by the identities of anyone who knew you, thinking that you are connecting, turning, blaming, or explaining life, not through your own lens in life, why not to speak for anyone who is well, and also does not want to hear why you are not well, sometimes there is no reason for it, so limit you deductions, to not making life about figuring out what people are not here, if you have cared once, you will care again, and if every time you care you break, then talking about losses is not the solution to staying well if you cannot prevent a loss, including everyone that you know, or whatever was imprinted on your life in life, that designates you as the imprint on another life, to identify by whos imprint has an impression been left. Enjoy life and everything that lasts, thats normal, for everyone to feel good, for everyone to feel sad, then everyone moves forward, dont give up in intermittent phases in life, this year was extremely challenging, so is all thinking about life, power, respect, honesty, and solution. All jobs aside. So between doing well and feeling sick (its all on you, what are you sharing or talking about and think will this help or hurt me in the long run and why, and whats the current potential of everyone, and is this something lying only within me, not to allow for anyone to get hurt the same lose faith in life). It will always be by how you look and appear and anything made to not offend you in the immediate but later, will be the reason whether put into words or a conversation had when alone, if that’s the purposes for designating you are a problem or the cause for problems or malfunctions in others, then it will be in your dysfunction, or story that you get assembled wrong in life, so don’t allow just anyone to assemble you, or to say that you are not assembled well. When the basis for communication becomes about, that is when a system fails to make people feel good, if the basis for feeling good is to identify what is wrong with someone, you cannot perfect humankind, by mention or care, it will always be based on who is here, who is not here, and you don’t want to be one of them not here, or find out too late why. Why its important to speak for yourself, once it becomes about others, then what you have to say whether in a problem or not, never use the identity of anyone, to identify yourself, that includes all billboards, ads, schooling, or famous person past, that’s not the solution, thats a recipe for a mismanagement of your identity, and don’t allow for yourself to be left half winded, to matter or push yourself, that’s not what waiting is for, resting is for, or taking your time in life, and that’s not for a later reference for a designation of there being something wrong, if anyone is trying too hard too late, that covers nothing up, and that if it speaks to what the issue is, and is not an issue then no one needs representation by a misuse of someone, simply to identify who is good, no humanity is based upon a singular persons health, and this you learn the hard way that if youre going and everything helps, that you cannot be that someone special for anyone, who is doesn’t need to be made to feel to blame, people love and show care in different ways, whether or not its your fault, you mature late, have friends, don’t have friends, its about people when you start to mention them, and any later removals, doesn’t take away the fact that it was made, and that’s not a gamble to your health to care, its then a gamble for others to care past the point of being convinced not to care for you, or blame any of your mental health issues on trying to be like, is not gifted, is not intelligent, is an addict, does themselves, or has done wrong or not smart. 

When you get hurt then they complain if they get hurt that you are hurt is why they are hurt to make things about – later something said before. Speak well of yourself and others, and always practice precaution, in moments of doubt, or sickness, or mental health issue, the solution lies within you not others. Ive noticed that in a weaker stance, you will be made to feel like everyone is stronger than you, thats normal dont be offended by it, things get worse before they get better so long as you complain when things are good or wait until things get bad to realize how things were when you were feeling okay, nothing you can be reminded of later in life, the best you can do for yourself and others is to move forward, granted permissions, blessings or not, continue to be someone worth knowing in life, whether or not you can be trusted, and always be honest, not offended by anyones inquiries as to your health, or where insult is coming from, it will be thought deserved before convinced otherwise that one is not the cause for anyone being made to feel slow, you’ll know what a slow life is when you experince it, and it could just mean that youre important, not meant to rush through life, and do your best anyways.

So I don’t think the solution for suicide (for me: bipolar delusion thinking anyone is communicating to me, right now I think its about me feeling hurt by anything thought to be a miscommunication coming from me to others, so staying home and working on staying well is the solution, and maybe attend another IOP and get stable again, its embarrassing once you get well, that you were ever made to not feel good, it will always come out of left field, if you ever get sick, its really no ones fault, but its always your responsibility to get well again, and be accepting of all the help you can get). So maybe it was best not to share about a situation in which I felt that way (appeared mentally ill or complaining about any concepts I only later came to identify with, that maybe was the solution to be apart of, even if its a painful process of realizing your own self-worth, always be proud of your ability to move forward we all get smarter over time). For example what I was doing with my life (drinking, being alone, there is always opportunity when well its when not well that life gets difficult so dont give up or ever be convinced that you are less than or try to be tougher than you are, self-harm is not the solution to any amount of difficulty no matter how challenging it is to comprehend your own limits in life, be a good person, and trust the timing of your life). At the time, that I ever was made to feel that way like giving up, I was always glad to improve and to be that much wiser in the process of coming to know and understand my own insecurities or potential miscommunications past, so long as you have light you will always shine bright, so dont think that youre invincible either, there are many pressures in life, and the heaviest pressure is what you subject yourself to in life, thinking you will always be well, things change, but never give up, and do your best to move forward in life, life is worth living, even if not everyone is one your side, or supporting you for whatever reasons, we all have our own lives to maintain, so the less attention the better, especially in front of anyone who does not like you, never assume that anyone wants to be in your company, who is not a fan, thats the part that hurts. If you havent mess up, then dont let anyone punish you to convince you or others that you have messed up, no matter in whos name their trusts have been given, not everyone will trust you in life, identify you as well, and thats okay. Communications are a big deal, and if youre not apart of it, its not about you, and no later recollection of all communications can change the fact once you sound like you miscommunicate or insincere, everything that you recognized past, doesn’t matter if it’s the same information known to all, once you get hurt in life, how are you supposed to help others be proud, and its in that unhappiness, or displeasure, that if you don’t move forward, get blamed, you get sick trying. 

Re: My Website. I was nominated for an an award this year, recently had to disclose that I am going through new mental health issues, I have not figured out how to manage, past the point of self-harm, which is not something I do to communicate, or create an admission, to something being wrong with me, expressed on the outside of my body. I think self-harm, is a really poor reaction, it simply means that there is a better way of processing things and not to allow for yourself to be so easily hurt, by any “auditory delusion voices,” part of being yourself means sticking to whats working for you, absent minded what anyone else is thinking youre about, be a positive person. Its a lot to explain, if its been better said, past, then thats not doing well, or made to speak differently, out of character, so that was a new experience, never complain in public or be too defensive, that will end up being the condition that sets you back in life, being stuck not feeling well, there are many ways to view life in the positive, so staying well, means not being worrisome to others, or cast for blame, made to appear confused, or mentally ill, talking to yourself, this is why I prefer to stay home and not go to meetings, you are only letting yourself down when you stop being accepting of all your quirks and think that you need to be a certain way to be liked, you simply should not self-harm, no matter what. Accept everyones boundaries, thats others being strong, and may have nothing to do with you, if it does not relate to what youre going through, dont offer any insights of what now said, can seem like a statement made for you to think that life was anything less then what it was special, dont be someone who gives up and not be someone who gives up in public, there is no such thing as pressure when you are doing well, so do your best to protect yourself and others from harm, and if you get sick, you can either be treated, or allow for everything to get the best of you. Some things are better left unsaid, all the little things in life, even if major conditions evolve, and later feel hurt by all the moments you gave up in life, or are being remembered as someone who gives up, for any justifiably reasons then, or result in a later coming to be, which explains less of who you are within, and its always okay for others to learn more about themselves in life, in the process of getting to know you. Why Ive lived a simple life, not too social, it doesnt mean I cant make friends, it simply means Im not strong enough to be social, too sensitive to what everyone else is going through, and obviously not doing as well as most emotionally, sorry Im not doing well, trying my best to stay home, this is obviously not a condition that can be solved by talking about myself, reworking anything that has already been written, there is always time to start over in life and be thankful for what you do have.


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