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8 Years Alone (2004-2017) …

I cant say its been easy, and it seems when things are going wrong, everyone is beside themselves and that’s not unique to a year, to a company, or to an age group it will always be that way when people are thinking, that’s not always your fault what causes others to think faster, or be quick about anything that they put together and think that’s the right decision, whether notifying you or not with your permission of whats to be done to keep everyone else well, that’s not always your job, and the more you complicate life the worse things get, so do your best to be a normal human being, its through all changes that you end up being judged whether that cutting your hair, someone else cutting your hair, losing your hair, recovering and hair being thick, if youre face is chubby, or then your face is thin, whether your head is big or your head is small, and what everythings about to blame your Twitter December 2011, then that’s a joke by connections, and it will always be a later putting together that causes pain, if that’s not the issue, as soon as you say it, its then all added up to be the cause until you fit into that glass jar in life, and that’s just how life works, you either see the positive, or you see the negative, and if a movie is made its not about you, that’s just everyone keeping in the “spirit of discovery.” -So what is the feeling of not feeling good, if you cant identify what it is don’t assume it’s a person, its always when well and everythings okay, that someone gets hurt whether that’s you : (1) looking stupid (2) not put together (3) in addiction (4) not in addiction (5) smart (6) not smart (7) able (8) or tired. You grow up and you will never know the causes for all those changes and its not your fault, but don’t allow everything to get to the point that you become upset, or inarticulate or able to voice for yourself in life, you cant give up because of what others think, even if they think youre bad, or have a bad attitude, not helpful, strong or not strong, there will always be someone who will see your light and put your light out, and if you have never been that clear, don’t expect it to happen again for you, not so long as you are thinking about the past, signs in view or not, just get over it, before you sound like youre lost or complaining in life, or not gonna make it, it will always be by rejections in life, you will be made to sound stupid and that’s to hurt your heart because they think your head or your ego is big, and that’s to make your head small so that people look at you like you don’t know that your obese and ugly looking then make it about whether you are nice inside, have gifts, or are someone easily offended, and let that be when people think you are wrong then think you bottle up, then think you have problems, then think you need to drink or take pills to feel good so you look like you don’t have problems, then everyone feels better, and whether that’s your cloud of wellness or theirs no one needs to establish their peace by f-king you over, complaining about you, looking at you, or knowing you in life, that’s not the way to live a long life, beat up, bullied, reminded of something thinking that will make you cute again, you are also not obligated to be a b%itch either, and if youre not wanted youre not wanted and that doesn’t mean its okay to see if you change and become something else, once people are not proud of you, that’s how you get voices, and that’s how they set you up, so you get attacked, to react, so they can complain and put you in jail, and that’s everyone treating you as mentally ill, they don’t care how many good days you had over an 8 year period, all of that will be lost if you get made to look like you don’t handle your story with care or the stories of others like youre supposed to know their story, like its you that needs to forgive anyone, if you are not cool enough and if everyone wants to make it about you looking at people and having no expression or nothing feminine to say, or someone who looks chubby and gay and doesn’t have sex and who lost their beauty, that will be because they think you are looking at people and wish you were people or are upset about who has confidence in life, then think that you don’t like yourself or there is a secret on the inside that you don’t know and that if you get made to feel upset then all of whats on the inside will come out on the outside “like a candle” then they will connect history and will wonder how you survived, then it will be about Disneyland, then it will be about Universal Studios, then  it will be about identity and its when you look bad then they want to know why are you upset, then they want a list of people, and think that you are upset, then they read a study then they look at you, then they want to see if you can read them, then they think information is coming from what you read then they think that you are not smart then they say this, then you hear this, then your head shrinks, then they want to see whats in your mind, what do you see, and who are you now, then they think that this happened then this happened then treat you like inside you think that you are someone else, so that they hurt you to see whats left of you, to say that you are good or bad, and then they make you tired then you cant sleep, then they think they are smart because they figured out how to cause mental illness, so they collect all the identities then they hurt you to see if you have a body or a mind or a voice that thinks like they don’t care or who looks at people based on what you look like do you sound like you look like you or if you are not you who do you look like then what do you see do you get information and is that how you learn what do you know and what do they know and why are you looking well when are you this what is this for then they say they are this and you are the bad attachment, so they say you don’t feel good so they feel good then they were doing you a favor, then they want to see everyone mad, then say that you are mad so they can say no one cares then they want to see communication then composure then say that is why because one was well then she is not well because she gets voices then they count pills then they want to know what you do all hours how do you sleep what is connected when are you okay do you have money do you have friends, then say this is so that this is okay so they want to see how you feel to say that you are not why they are well so they cause you sickness so that everyone feels bad for them to make it look like you were not worth it or “what do you see in them” then say that no one cares so that’s why she is not feeling good because she is alone. Ive been alone lived alone for 8 years I don’t need sex, I don’t need friends, I was a law student, not social, I don’t need alcohol, I don’t need night meds, but we can connect all the posters and the ones I reported in Boulder Colorado, and then we want to say that the secret inside is that she thinks that its about her or something she sees or they see then they connect then it doesn’t matter what they see then they say when did she see and how is it connected to say that they are smart and she is like this and she doesn’t speak well or is not smart or thinks bad of others, then they say that they know this because they see this, and that’s the theme, do this so she thinks this, then do this so she thinks this, then say she was like this because she thinks this. 


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