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Moving Forward in Life …

Life will throw you a curve ball on occasion, when you are allowed to either view one thing in multiple ways, or be left stuck seeing things only in one way, and this is what compassion is for, if there is no side to win with, if there is no one argument to feel lifted by, and if there is no one person to feel empowered by that’s when you have to rely on your own vision, to restore that sense of clarity of thought, not be weighed down by interests, teams, or side, there is a time to fight and that’s not now, nor during any moment of peace, that’s not how things get done. I imagine life to be a place that works like a conference table of people chatting away and presenting ideas, like in the movies, the sophisticated jobs with the suits, all coding humor aside, I think it gets to be a bit too much, you cant force an understanding by combining information expecting it to make you feel good, whether that’s viewed as an experience or defense or reaction past, no one is ever quite responsible for getting sick, like the common cold, that’s all mental health issues, are you can get over it in the same amount of time with meds, it may require rest, or maybe less of everything, that’s something you don’t want to be stuck glued to problems, your own, or even try to have a finer understanding, take on too much at once. That’s not really letting go, that’s also not allowing your problems to be circumscribed by the wrong understandings of life about you, as though through your own demonstrations in life of care, be later made to appear like you don’t care about yourself or others, and that’s the problem with self-harm, it’s a pain or lack of ability upset or frustration feeling or emotion a set of voices or a hurt or a pain that you cannot remove placed on you by thinking that its coming from a source outside of yourself which causes you to not feel good, when you don’t feel good, you can always recover and get strong again and it starts by what you focus on all words included. So that is why you cannot stop a problem by its own terms, that causes a focus and then a visualization of an issue then an unnecessary amount of concentration with expectation to get information from a feeling and that is how you wind up getting hurt, its in your output that you are made to feel better, all output, talking, thinking, writing, speaking, all communications and when you fall below the bar of acceptability, that’s not your job to figure out the unhappiness of others, to resolve that unhappiness, requires you to feel good be a happy person, and that’s how change is made, not by making people feel like eachother to understand eachother that’s not the solution and that’s not empathy, when one feels sick the other feels well, it must be something that you can recognize is wrong not something that you allow to go wrong until someone else tries to tell you what is wrong, why its important to not be lost, keep smiling, be animated, try hard, be intelligent, and not lower your standards over any amount of insecurity in life, be led astray, it’s the ones who think they are strong who lead the weak astray and that’s how singular leadership occurs among a small group of people or in couples, where that style of caring is practiced, controlling to have control, then one feeling bad for the other to control, and that’s not dominatrix, that’s treating people like theyre stupid, if youre not their kalidescope or snow globe, or psychic crystal ball, then its not okay for them to change you, so they see better either.



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