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They wouldn’t call it recovery if it didn’t mean to take better care of yourself. There is time to heal, but not if you rush the process, and burn out. Know yourself well enough to know when to quit, however in a few rare instances when you cannot stop what you are doing well:

  • In the event of a loss, dont give up too. Don’t imitate anyone you admire, undermine.
  • In the event that you stay above the issues, don’t talk through anothers shoes.
  • Does what you have to say mean just something to you, can it help, will it hurt.
  • Do you understand the concept of time, how long it takes to earn good time?
  • Is your good time, worth being spent, on one person, ensure the safety outside family.
  • What is an emergency, are you physically or mentally able to respond to it and how.
  • Do you have experience helping to keep others happy, do you know what to do.
  • What is too late for those comprehending #eldercare, whats not their fault.
  • Do you have the skills to help someone above you, are you well enough for it.

I think there are opportunities to be special, and although it may not feel like you are special, it takes time to think more clearly, to allow your experiences to process, that’s not a good time to think only of yourself, that’s basic to sobriety, how has where you have been in life affect those who ever cared for you, relied on you, trusted you, rooted for you, believed in you, when is it selfish to stick to doing something for yourself, that does not enable all of those things to happen for you in life, be able to talk to people, be social, be confident around others, not scared, and do you understand the risk to your health and the health of others, to continue on in life, having re-occurring problems, due to overthinking what could be said about you, risk reinforcing the wrong opinions of you, be treated as such. It will not be until you are told something that you are made to believe something and I think that’s the lesson in going backwards, to accept what is said to you, whether that be in humor, or in a different style of conversation that you are not having additional thoughts about, its when a connection cannot be felt, nothing makes sense. 

I think being separate from others, is to preserve your health and their health, if there is something wrong with you, give yourself time to figure out what you can do or say, and figure out what is your fault, why your health is failing, or whats causing you mental health issues, figure out why you may or may not be being supported and for what reasons: grades/rehab.

It will based on your timeline of acceptances or non-acceptances of you, that you get sick, if you ever try to go back to anywhere you do not feel well, whether by location, that special interest in staying well, means not to be upset over any losses financial or degree sought (JD), why I applied to another law school (MSL), the less you react to in life in the negative, not taking anything personally, the less food for thought you provide to anyone in question of the degree of influence you have in life, whether everyone knows you, or not yet famous to know. -You either can perform, study, memorize, outline, write, and test, or you cant. #staywell

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