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I will try to remember to speak in small doses I can see my entire James Bond experience is not more important than how I’m feeling and it’s okay if it’s too much for me not try to make things better by saying more take responsibility for things being too much for me not be too much back and accept that because I wrote online I will probably be made to not feel the best always and not to think too much about it and if I can’t be funny not run the risk of trying to be funny and hurt or misrepresent my own esteem or another’s I think if you feel good chances are someone will not be made to worry for you which is why it’s good I have done my best I think in short there’s too much room for misunderstanding I think past tired or scared you go by instinct and I think anytime you’re not feeling strong you’re bound to be misunderstood or viewed as a know it all I think overtime the smarter you get it’s okay to get intimidated it’s okay to look stupid it’s okay to not feel tough it’s okay to miscommunicate or be viewed as an expression you have not yet identified to be obnoxious or unnecessary to recognize when it’s peaceful apologize for your condition and not talk about any day you don’t feel well if it’s because of something you’ve said the best way to like yourself again or make others feel appreciated is to not make anything look easy or not hard earned to not be bothered left alone that’s not room for climb to the top of anything or outshine I think if you speak in a place many can hear well then not to say anything many can hear or many will not like that will also be your fault if any time is wasted caring or made disappointed not live up to a standard of well being expected if someone educated care but never act like you don’t care and always respect one another’s need to be alone, rest, not allow for you or anyone to be viewed as not happy or at peace. If youve been writing for 8 years studying working if you can then don’t let anyone think that you had it easy in life or were given respect suddenly important I think everyone who does well if they make a bad decision or sound upset or negative can lose something they don’t know they have just in talking without knowing it so don’t wait until it’s too late to back off, rethink what’s important what’s not, and lose touch with reality, it’s when lost more is expected and it’s in giving up that more was expected to be said thought withheld. I think opening up requires confidence that if you don’t have confidence may never happen if you expect to feel totally okay to do things in life to be totally okay with yourself which means not to take life too seriously let people think for themselves and figure things out for themselves within reason without making anyone feel responsible for anything you go through in life on your own that’s not how to empower anyone to not go through anything you’ve been through in life which means if you have it good not to talk about life like it was ever a bad experience, the less room you leave for interpretation negative about someone the less scared you’ll be made to feel if all you end up thinking if if you go through bipolar again is to worry for others not in your life or be made to talk about anyone from your life that’s what then can cause someone who doesn’t have a problem with you to worry for you, then that means to solve worry not be anyone to worry for or about or say anything that later caused you worry as thinking it’s meant to mean something else you have not intended for it to mean.

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