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Whats Not a Fight …

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There will be many demonstrations in life fit for political purposes to illustrate an idea or concept thought befitting for reaction and it may not always be those who demonstrate that are capable for explanation of the interests to be affected by the bearer or any responsibility in life to not also demonstrate the same, a lack of care whether that be in individual interest or to everyone. This is how personal motivations in life can be affected, when there are personal problems that any number of people have with you, then who is to control or make better those outside of the equation such as “the people,” who don’t have an interest in what goes wrong for you personally on an individual level with people romantically or professionally. There will always be opportunity for wellness, and that starts with not allowing yourself to be brought into fights and battles, that anyone is faced with individually trying to make that your fault, so sometimes it is that case that they want you to feel like someone to see how you react whether you can still be yourself or whether you look like or sound like anyone famous who has ever felt wronged by anyone, and I don’t think that regular people really care who looks like who or what what is about, I think what they mostly care about is that no one is harmed, during the discourse of what is going wrong for someone specifically such as myself which should not affect the majority, who can be convinced either way to appreciate ignore, or reject from consideration a person once that person fails to meet the mark. Therefore someone who is trying to demonstrate that I don’t meet the mark is trying to hurt my ability to speak, look like, or sound like, anyone who is capable of helping others, in the event that Im not able to help them sexually, and sometimes that happens to women, we can be in the mood and able to be loving and supportive and sometimes we get tired and need to be alone, past insult its hard to care for and feel supported by someone, who is basing their support based on how you feel and that’s a very challenging position to be in in life, when you don’t feel well, while someone is trying to complain that you ever did anything to not make them feel well. With disability it takes time to improve, and that’s not faith that’s doing the right thing. And when you do the right thing that doesn’t mean that you will have more in life, or make more people feel happy, not if they don’t think that you deserve a legal education, a job, or a boyfriend, it should not matter what I worked hard for in life: wellness, that can all be ruined in the event that someone complains, and then you lose everything. So this is me starting from the beginning, to improve. 

Originally Written 06-11-21

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