No One Ever Tells You …

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No one ever tells you when to quit, if youre ahead, it will usually be someone who will make it seem like you don’t recognize what you have, for reaction upon a loss, to see how you respond in desperation, what you attribute to your own decision making skills, or anothers. I don’t think we all have it easy in life, some more supported than others, financially, romantically, or socially, and that has never been my impetus for blogging, to have a better odds in life for anything that Im not able to achieve on my own without being well known. It should not matter where you are in life, we all hurt, and we all become disappointed when things are not the way we assume them to be, and its upon those downs that anger results, whether it’s a wasted time energy or effort caring for someone, or not a worthwhile investment financially. I think when you have it good in life, there are many times when you will feel intimidated, don’t let them. If you have a good hand in life, it should not matter what anyone else sees looking at you, if that’s not how you see the world, then also don’t allow for things to appear that way, that anythings a given in life, including peace, respect, following, or attraction. If its not something that you cannot create for yourself such as peace, Ive found it more important to be understanding of those who cannot achieve the same in moments of doubt, disarray, or mental illness, it can be a confusing time in life, when you don’t know where emotions are coming from, or thinking that anything is being directed toward you for reaction, as though you are supposed to be insulted, on any high horses in life. Life is what you make of it, so do your best. Had I not been friends with Sydney Simpson, I probably would not have been a hotline counselor, hired by the DA in Colorado and Los Angeles, and would have not worked for the LA City Attorneys Office proud, or Childrens Law Center. Then there is life, dating, drinking, and experimentation, I think past the point of becoming a professional, it will seem like life becomes a pickier version of the life you led before, when you were able to talk to everyone and go out, or date, to a more secluded version of life, in which you are more defensive to your own freedoms and life and cares, and that may seem offensive to anyone who wants to bring out other traits in you, you don’t think are necessary to be loved such as being sexy, fit, fun, or beautiful. There are plenty of ways to show that you care about yourself and others, but not if you are put online, to seem like you don’t care about yourself. That’s the disconcerting part about life, that you cant also help others, and also lead a private life in which you are respected the same, which is why I don’t date, drink or go out and do drugs. So if I am hospitalized that’s because one I am not valued, two I am being taunted like I am nothing, and three I am giving up and starting to believe that what is being said about me is true. And that’s not fair to me or to anyone I have grown up with or around, who would never think that anyone would view me so low, its usually people who don’t know you that well, who get you in trouble, who sue you, who blame you, or who treat you like you are nobody, put down. That’s life, whos above who, anyone who doesn’t know you, is who think theyre better. 

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