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Whats my purpose in life? …

If you asked me a few years ago what I wanted to do in life Id tell you that I wanted to be an attorney, and some things don’t work out for you in life, based on the years to your life, and the amount of progress you are able to make within those years. Its more than procrastination when things don’t get done, or not in time, with energy to spare, and that’s your momentum, it’s the feeling of things going right and then wanting to do things to have things to do in the future, we all get there eventually, finding something that we love to do, and being good at that. My career in blogging started with quotes, that was my thing, putting down my thoughts, and offering helpful tips and life advice based on what I was spiritually thinking that day, to me sharing wisdom, was write down everything that you can think of that makes sense to you and it just kept going from there, you would be surprised how much you have to write once you get started, I would have never thought of myself as a writer being a law student, a free writer, I think I mostly kept refining that skill through work in school, I didn’t do any free writing, only kept a journal at times, and when I stopped journaling, and stopped going to the gym, as an athlete, that’s what destroyed my progress, you forget how much balance gets put into place doing the things you love, such as fitness! I grew up a soccer player. So what motivates you? I wouldn’t just only rely on the times to figure out what your cares in life are, don’t be misguided by the wrong events occurring in life to make an effort to care, it can leave you feeling helpless if you don’t go about it in the right way, and this is where I got creative, I shared a few photos below to illustrate my journey as a blogger, from being nothing to something and what it meant to make the effort to actually connect with people and get to know the causes that I wanted to support. Its not an easy path, I think I cried pouring tears my first “Concerts Across America” DTLA at the The Standard Hotel 2016, it was exactly what I thought we needed and it actually existed, and from there my heart followed, if I held a strong belief that through the arts and entertainment, we could best be made to cope with the times, then so the success followed, and I may have had nothing to do with anyones motivations in life, you learn this later what it takes to get things going and its not credit, that’s actually a drag, or a snag in the momentum to anyones inspiration in life, to leave things to one group, set of individuals, or finished composition, it creates a overwhelming feeling of some type of heaviness, that’s hard to sing your heart out to, or at least in my case run on the beach in the sand for 2 hours 2015, that was the kind of person I was before I met Brady, I was motivated with no direction, and I was driven athletically without the perfect JD complete and with a career paid, and that was okay, I joined OFA Fellows, and learned to continue to share ideas, and made Facebook Pages, considered managing a #dontdodrugs page, whatever your issues are those are where your strengths lie, and while we might not all be experts at our problems in life, let alone the problems in others, it’s the fact that you care and learning how to care is the biggest step you can take to making a positive difference in the lives of others. The times are incredibly fragile and unpredictable, and that can cause fear, anxiety, and more trepidation to make an extended effort to be there for others, but based on my experience its by how strong you are, that you are able to provide a voice of reason to anyone presently affected not be scared to care, not be too shy to send emails, texts, and letters, these are all the best components of our favorite campaigns accepted led by those who lived through it, and its by the precedent set forward or put into motion that you wind up following suit, whether as applied to your own life, or when applied to figuring out how to help others, sometimes, what you go through before you are completely put together, either makes your life make sense, or makes things unnecessarily confusing from an onlookers stand point, why you care, how you have demonstrated that you care for victims of crime, and what you have done with your life, to build a skill set that has enabled you as a person to say the right things, and to do the right thing, and be a good person, or just the type of person who when you hear from things get better, that’s passing the feeling on, without the burden, and this is what being a “corporation” means, symbolically I was thinking we need a really big company, that supports this small non-profit, and in the event that any of the ideas flowing in terms of supporting those undergoing the stress and strain of the times, have their hurt not be affected by the companies or groups that support them or what they endure as individuals, and this is the careful and complicated basis for forming a system of support, it cant all be left in the hands of the sole subject to the problem itself, and this is how mental health intersects with what goes on in the world, just like a corporation does not let the client or non-profit be affected by all the ideas flowing and but those who act in support of the non-profit, are similarly not affected by the issue to the extent that someone with mental health issues would be affected by what they hear on the news, being someone with mental health issues, my heart goes out to everyone who does get directly affected and that’s not the purpose for any campaign, to put people on board, to divide the attentions of anyone, or to make someone pay attention to them, and for things to not go right, that’s not how a support system works, it works to alleviate the stress, it helps to begin the process of explaining to others that they are not responsible, just like a corporation takes responsibility, and so forth and so one, maybe that was a concern I once had, so to have 80k monthly viewers or to be ranked on IMDB, that doesn’t mean that I am calling attention to garbage, those are real numbers and real statements made by me overtime, which have improved overtime, and maybe hold less of an impact as they once did, and that’s how we grow, as a support system, that we don’t allow one another to be so affected, and when we are affected, we figure out a way to help others and to continue to help others. Today I was thinking of why don’t they have a program to teach gun owners how to be more compassionate and emotionally stable people, and stay healthy, and not allow their weapons to be mismanaged by those who are too young to understand the news, the stresses of life at this moment, and who should not be contributing to a pattern of behavior that should in no way reflect who we are today as a society, more evolved, with social media, more resources, and entertainment. What Ive learned based on a 36 year analysis of my own life, its not until you have a problem that the discourse begins, so if that’s where we are at right now, just like a mental health issue, it will go away as things get better, and hopefully we mature and get stronger together, as we pace ourselves, out time, and attention to matters outside of ourselves, and based on what we choose to make matter to all of us, not let one another get too sick as a result of any symptoms of stress associated with thinking about a problem. My psychiatrist joked back the other day, when I said “I threw up yesterday after watching too much Fox News,” and he said that he does too. Youre not alone! Please be patient with yourselves, and continue to think like me, how to balance all of your cares, and still make time for yourself, and others apart from becoming over-consumed with how to help others, its so important to stay healthy yourself, don’t forget that’s not a prerequisite to being able to help, I was on Clozapine and Invega for May-August, trekking back and forth to #laxcourthouse, just to get going again, and messaging with DA Spitzer (which is addiction), I think so long as Im not having to call the police and FBI to go through my thoughts or thinking, that means that Im on the right path in life, not thinking in the sense of fear, but with the positive sense of faith, which is needed for things to get going again in the right direction, whether you can feel it or not, when the future happens, its better to be standing tall, than to be too downtrodden over things personal, or public, it will all pass eventually, whats more important, is that what doesn’t pass through you, be strong enough to take!

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