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What does “take it one day at a time” mean to you? To me it means that as you grow, change, and evolve so will the things you think too. You never know where this life will take you. I read a quote the other day about understanding that if you’ve not been there before then you won’t understand or see it, this is why continuing your education is so important. Whether that’s learning more about your condition and learning how to battle the symptoms, or studying self-help and learning how to better think about life and fix your outlook. All of that translates to a better, healthier, happier you. -For me the majority of my change has involved who I am as a blogger and whether getting comfortable talking to others online came easy to me, it’s not it takes time. In entrepreneur magazine they say, “taking to strangers can not only be fun but [can] also enhance our sense of well-being, make us smarter, [and] expand our social and professional networks, and even help us overcome some of our most intractable social problems.” [1] So thats something that I learned about what it is I’m doing with my life and where all the positives are coming from as a writer, it’s a skill, and I’m constantly adapting, studying, and learning the trade (writing), one step as a time. I used to be a quotes blogger, blogging on squares so I’ve come a long way to finally dedicate time to learning WordPress and get going finally and I’m so proud of my work here thus far and participation. So don’t give up continue to take it one day at a time and maybe one day too you’ll find success at what it is you want to do in life and get there eventually. –Today I have 85k monthly views on Pinterest!


[1] entrepreneur (magazine), July – August 2021.

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