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When Love Comes Around …

When love comes around you’re never ready for it, it can happen by chance, by effort, and when you land in that place in life when everything’s totally okay, and beautiful again, that’s bliss. What is bliss? According to, “Bliss may be defined as a natural direction you can take as a way to maximize your sense of joy, fulfillment, and purpose.” [1] It’s the feeling of being yourself and feeling at ease that love brings at least for me in life. It can be infatuation, it can be admiration, there are many way to feel love for a person, mostly it’s about how you feel when you’re with them, or simply know them. For me a lot of my 30s has been having crushes in life, it can be anyone who keeps me motivated in life, or helps me with goal setting, they may not even be the end goal, but you know what, love is so powerful it can make you do things you never saw yourself capable of becoming, your beautiful self. I think that’s why they encourage self-love so much, when you love yourself you take better care of yourself, you look better, youre paying attention to what feels good, and this makes sense when people don’t always make you feel good, but who doesn’t like companionship. One article brings up Aristotle saying, “I wish my friend a good for his sake for my sake. I wish my friend a good for him … for me. I love him simply for him … for me. That unconditional love is tied to a very important condition.” [2] Love to love don’t love to be loved it’s the feeling you get when you love someone that it doesn’t matter what they do or say or look like you love everything about them, everything is cute, and that’s the best part of being in love, even if you don’t know the person that well. I find the more you can appreciate people for what their worth the less pressure and insecurity you bring about between you two, part of loving means to be fearless and also not to provoke fear in another when it comes to your own sense of stability of theirs for that matter, you blend well with them, and that’s so hard to find sometimes, someone willing to just blend with you. With that being said I really like how this author explained what I’m trying to say, “Just as we love virtue for its own sake, so we love a virtuous friend. If virtue is its own reward, so is a virtuous friend. We do not have to look any farther than a good friend in our love for him.” [3]





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