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Most of Life …

Most of life requires you to concentrate, to learn, to focus, to retain, to put together, to make sense of life and your experiences in life, as well as information you expose yourself to for study, and sometimes its easy to deduce or simplify or summarize what it is you are hearing and sometimes you have to assemble those thoughts yourself, not everything is put together for you in life, and to me that’s what blogging represents, the infinite ways you can put yourself together for display to others, and the infinite ways you can assemble information for study by others, all of which you inherit a tremendous responsibility to put forward images and content, that spark the positives in others, and that cant always be asked of people who for example are angry, or upset, frustrated, feeling negative, or not doing well, its from being in a good place in life that you are able to achieve those balanced thoughts, that’s balanced thinking, and that mature reasoning, so don’t pressure yourself into feeling a certain way or feel obligated to care or hold opinions of people, you either do or don’t see as deserving of any credit or spotlight to their accomplishments in life, including my own. When things don’t make sense or don’t add up, well that’s there not being enough information for you to go off of, or to make sense of what you may think is wrong with a person, or a situation, or something that’s being said, that’s wanting more to be said in order for you to better understand a person, and that can be an inherited frustration that a writer acquires should they hold any audience members who don’t have compassion for their experiences in life, or think that what someone is going through is not a good forewarning to others on social media to be careful of how they use their time away from social media, and modify their schedules to make time for things that do make them feel good if social media is not making them feel good. We cant all feel good by people, I am someone who is a good example of that doesn’t feel good by people, I feel best on my own, Im someone who needs their alone time to recharge, and doesn’t mind keeping busy away from people, whether that be in an office environment, or in a relationship, Ive never needed to be around people, or need to be with people all the time, you learn this later in life, that socializing is on an as needed basis, so should one view social media, its not sharing to feel good, its sharing until things feel good, and its usually sharing to offset any imbalance and to make the whole picture make more sense of whats going on in life, rather than cause a disorganized sense of what youre about. To me social media is for announcements, its for stats, its for progress, its for blogging tips, and its for sharing important things Im going through and what Im presently thinking in regards to what Im going through, that doesn’t mean that I am someone who doesn’t let go, it means that I am someone who when they have a problem, I don’t stop working on myself until that problem goes away, and then there will be times in life when you will have problems and there is nothing that you can do to make the problem go away, sometimes requiring meds and that’s okay too, we don’t all ask for the problems that we have and not all problems are inherited or a result of our own life experiences, sometimes you learn as you go, such as with social media, that you have to have a certain personality and demeanor for taking on any leadership positions when it comes to tone and timing. I think I am someone who is incredibly in tune with the times, I do do my best to stay up to date on the news, and follow trends online, that’s being observant, you cant really improve and learn to say the right things if you don’t know how everyone is feeling, so that’s things not only being about you. Then there is influence, where if things are going well, are you apart of what is going right why or why not, and how is it when you are hurt are others hurt also, and that’s being hurt online as a social media figure, you get devalued online, when your pictures get viewed without permission, and when your pictures get used without permission, to me that’s an abuse of my identity, to create accounts for others to follow, or to be introduced to others through people I don’t know who are displaying a first impression poorly of me, which can cause sickness, and that’s seeing something and then seeing me and for me to not be that same person that one is viewing such as rare images of me in private, I think you have to give a person time to be loving in public, that’s a different persona, that you usually only share with someone you love. Being someone who advocates against gun violence, I am someone who already was conservative, and I think that’s my best stance, not just because that provides the type of stability that assures others that when things are going right that they are not to be bothered by things that have gone wrong past, but they are also informed of things that are working that people can work on absent minded what has gone wrong, not credit the wrong parties for those incidences say contribute to those devastations in life, and that’s where devaluing goes wrong in terms of advocacy. Even if you are trying to punish or ridicule someone because you don’t like what they have to say or think they are “schizophrenic” that doesn’t give you the right to punish someone and hurt someone because they are not in the same place as you spiritually, after an incident it takes many months if not years for me to calm down, and for me to continue on and find my place in life, that’s trauma. So allow people time to heal, time to be funny again, time to share joy again, time to smile again, time to be pretty again, and time to move on again. 

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