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You’re Not Ordinary …

You’re not ordinary, you’re a vibrant, living, breathing human being with potential. That’s you in there, be proud to be here, and think of everything you can do in life not be limited by what you can’t do in life, there are always options in life if you avail yourself to those abilities in life, you don’t have to give up, sit back, or just let things happen, you always have control over yourself so start there when things get out of hand and worry less of what’s going on around you let alone to or within you. Never forget that you’re human, and so are others (with their own problems and expectations too), any day you’re too hard on yourself remind yourself of the basics to being you and forget all the complications that are interfering standing in between you and your chosen path in life. There is always time to recreate and build anew, that doesn’t involve all the nonsense that stresses us out such as over-spending, over-eating, over-texting, over-selfieing you name it just put an over before that habit and let it go, forgiveness is a journey it comes through acceptance of our default decision making skills that sometimes leave us feeling lost we’ve all been there, like going through a maze and going by instinct choosing our direction in life, when you wind up at a dead end breathe, you’re not lost the minute you start backtracking that’s a positive trait. They always say not to ruminate but when it comes to reviewing your day, month, week, or year improvement is made when we take that extra minute to be both present and also with humble recognition of all those choices we made and look down at where we are standing and say you know what I’m not going to do this or that again and instead I’m going to make the choice here forward to do this or that better. It’s in those simple conversations with yourself you can give yourself reassurances along the way, pat yourself on the back for mini accomplishments along the way (even if it’s eating vegetables, making a green drink, or losing a lb), and do your best to keep moving forward. We all feel stuck sometimes and it’s mostly in doing the same things over and over again we either get used to a new system that’s working for us or get tired and want change, it’s okay to try new things and even to correct yourself and say you know what I know I think this is helping me but it might be true that it’s doing me more of a disservice than it is allowing me to grow independently of others such as addictions, or texting, emails, correspondence, think what’s important to disclose and leave it at that. Don’t try to overcompensate on a bad day, it’s just words, limit what you have to say about yourself and keep it in the positive unless it’s therapy or psychiatry or a really good friend bless their hearts who let you open up and pour your insides out on a good or bad day, do your best to stay positive! And take it one day at a time. You’re life’s not over, this is not the end, you’re not stuck, you can move forward, you can heal from this, there is a possibility for you to improve get out of this mess, it’s not all your fault, you’ve not asked to suffer or be set in harms way, you don’t deserve to be beaten up or put down in life, you can overcome setback, and you deserve to be here and be present in the moment and have something about life that you love about yourself and you deserve to have things to do in life that make you feel good about yourself, and it shouldn’t matter what anyone thinks when it comes to your health, your psychology, your psychiatry, and your physical health and this is why they tell us this (“don’t worry what other people think”), half of the diagnoses cannot be explained to you by focusing on others, it’s usually required to focus internally on what we can do to overcome our own battles in life and it’s when we get better that things around us start to feel better including what people think of us or what they feel or think looking at us. Be the change that you wish to see in the world, so long as you stay a healthy happy vibrant human being and do good in the world there is nothing that anyone can do to take that good health away from you that’s your power, don’t let anyone take your power away and hurt your health!

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