Poem: “Yellow’s the Name.”

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Yellows the Name

In different places, but not far a welcomed ear

At last, the wankering sound of voices has stopped

The issue collided with the everpresent satisfaction 

A job well done indeed as though your soul hires

Those who remind you by doubt and question

Too close to be considered enemies, maybe just angry fans

Good purpose is the common denominator

Making every reaction and upset worth while

Where would we be without expression, wasting time shy

Action needs no signal or push, its built within, and when the time is ready

The best will shine to remind us, of who we were before a down

Remember when you were at your best, forgive lesser moments

Everything saved, just as we thought, with no plan in mind

Recording her days, and annoyed with effortless glances

And then the bell rings, as though time needs an assessment

As you were, we recall being told, without a blink or question

While some feel big and some feel small, some still question

And as the strength gathers in purpose, a clearer outlook broken

Like a spring night with everything glowing, an endless product blossoms

Again we can see the future! Im alright, Im okay, Im not broken

And then we pace ourselves, stepping back at every broken glass

And comment forgotten, is there anything we’ve missed.

Should there be anything not worth forgetting, what have I forgotten.

Nothings gone, not me, not him, not them, and no one seems in

Just as we were, to gather in doses without question, a common practice

To be social, and then its forgotten, but remains at heart felt, spoiled rotten

Full of this moment, the past, or by what we’ve forgotten, the loss consumes

Remember that moment, you made happen

Remember that moment, you don’t know what happened.

Be as you were, the same as you are now, we have forgotten.

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