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Scrolling through pictures today found a top I haven’t worn in awhile, it becomes a game of “find it” thereafter, searching every box, folding every article of clothing in my room, and sorting, and by the end I’ve searched everything twice and by the end the third search of what’s hanging found it, what I initially thought it was. Good news is my whole room is clean now, sometimes that’s what it takes to get going in life and before you know it you’re doing more work than you had anticipated but part of starting is to just go for it even if the end result is nil, not finding it, or not getting the relief from doing the work, to feel like everything is good or everything is going to work out here forward, if our attachments in life were that easy to solve then games like “find it” would satisfy that uncertainty and fog of not knowing where things are.

How does finding things in life help to put us at ease? I was studying domain mapping last night and apps to add to my website, there’s always so much to learn about websites, and just as building a website you won’t know how it will look until you do all the work, same goes for solving your own problems in life. I recently signed up for a self coaching life coaching course, I’ve decided to dedicate my time to learning more about life coaching since writing quotes has been my passion for years, growing so much and evolving as a writer as the years went on, with more depth and examples than I could think of to begin with. What started as “be the best version of yourself” or “you only live life once” has made me rethink what are good rules for living and are we limiting ourselves to what feels good or what feels good to hear alone. Learning means that things don’t feel good, don’t make sense, it’s your job as a student to make sense of what you read and learn and come up with your own system for digesting information in your own words or method. [1]

So when you can’t rely on people, news, love, relationships to do the calming for you, there’s always you and things like reading and writing have been helping me recently. More to think about, and require less reliance on my own information in life and balance those outputs with hearing from others. I think that’s only fair as a writer to be able to continue your education and hear what others have to say, caveat is either you’ve been doing things right or your learn something to improve upon that naturally you are not inclined to do or have been manipulated to respond differently to a series of triggers.

Why the discussion? It’s relevant to the use of baby blue ribbons on 9/11, [2] what do colors represent to us, what issues come up, who is being brought to our attentions, who is the recognition for, upon which events is the color being related to, and how is that relevant to compartmentalizing other incidences in time whether it’s the color of an outfit, a type of company made, the reference of the words making up the color, who is wearing the color and representing the use of a ribbon to symbolize, and how does that put others at ease, who fail to stop for the calming realizations in life that the actions and mental illness of people in history and how they have devastated civilizations psychologically and mentally, to perform around mention of those uses of inquiry to whom and why for fault. Taking a stand on an issue doesn’t mean that you allow for blame that’s common to people who think they know what you do or do not know and are or are not thinking, some think they know better, and given what year you were born maybe are expected to know more about how relevant incidences are to the people and what meaning from those incidences have been derived to remember those situations for. Not everything comes through studying is the issue some things are not written down and maybe to our benefit, but in times like these it’s helpful to begin discussions so that the relevancy for the impact of its use is clarified to mean much more than what is assumed to be occurring a down position to an up position, or a race or class issue in terms of peace or inspiration or disability. I highly doubt that things are as hereditary as things seem. Don’t lose in life on the basis of sensitivity and recognition, always seek to learn more and to clarify from where you are coming from and allow ideas to be let go of … what is not learned is not imitated, what is taught is, that’s really important for application of perspective the words mentioned to be applied upon thinking of. In an EMR test of the brain you are required to think of words tapping your fingers while the machine is recording your brain waves. So it matters what you think, even if you feel vindicated for identifying something others have been cautious too not blow things out to extremes thinking others find it funny to love, love occurs by benefit and duty, not necessarily for funny, there are other ways to be loved, and love doesn’t always have to be shared to benefit all and make people uncomfortable who do love.




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