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Be Small: Blog, Connect, Grow …

It’s not always obvious what people’s motivations are in life, but you can’t rule out a persons potential for success based upon what connections they do or don’t have in life, or because of who they know or have known, claim that they are working or blogging for the wrong reasons, to fulfill some personal vendetta in life to be famous or better than anyone. That’s not what breeds successful people online, it’s pure analytics, and science there’s no personal factor that launches you beyond the capability of any other person online, who also doesn’t work hard. If anything (1) It’s been a setback (2) It’s not been in my favor (3) I’ve not benefited from having known anyone in my life, and (4) It’s the opposite, others (a) benefit from your work online (b) it’s at their disposal to known you (c) there’s no risk in knowing someone online (d) it’s not to your benefit to be online and not have friends or be on speaking terms with anyone. That is my experience. It’s a very difficult journey to blog, everyone talking about you without you present and making decisions for you at times in regards to the state of your mental health because you are a blogger without a 9-5 job, that’s not for debate how someone chooses to live their life on a daily basis, so long as they are working hard and doing their best that’s all that should matter not whether they are turning a profit or earning a paycheck. It’s no ones business what I eventually earn or how much I get paid one day that’s my right to privacy. How much any one person makes from their hard work and effort is no ones business to know nor determines whether anyone is considered a “success.” If my story doesn’t inspire you then read something else, I’m not for profit, I’m not for the purposes of turning a profit, my goal is to get paid earn a wage that much I deserve in life. Theres a very fine line between friendly sharing of advices and it’s another thing to shame someone for sharing their advices online, you don’t need a license to give life advice online or to share your personal experiences online. -When I say be small, that’s to prevent yourself from getting hurt by thinking too big, that’s to prevent others from criticizing you for having ideas that they think are not helpful to your life or to the lives of those encompassing the causes you support. That’s so that you don’t get excluded from opportunities in life because you don’t have a coherent idea put together of where you see yourself in the world and what type of service you hope to provide online to your following. It’s not who you know that matters, or what advices past have been given to you, it always starts with where you are now and what you’re planning on doing with your life moving forward that matters most. #stopsuicide 🌸 Stay positive!

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