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Once you set your mind to something make sure to follow through, allow the anxiety of expectations to leave you, so that you can accomplish your goals in life. Be patient with yourself -especially when it comes to fitness and getting in shape, weight loss takes time, it’s all a matter of staying positive. According to huffpost.com, “Because the road to success is not easy – there will be obstacles – you will likely want to give up. So in order for you to make it through, you have to want it.” [1] Throughout my career as a blogger there have been many times I wanted to give up, even at times starting over, it’s hard to go back and do things differently once you get started you either make a commitment to keep going or give up on all your hard work thus far to work on something else. It’s hard to leave any project unfinished especially if you’ve spent a lot of time energy and effort at perfecting whatever it is that your doing. For example I’ve been a runner for years (since 2014) at one point in my running career I lost 50lbs and was so proud of myself. The sooner you give up on what’s working for you and go back to old routines occurring when you were not as successful the quicker you go backwards losing the momentum you’ve gained by changing your habits, reversing your progress thus far. It’s not just negative thinking or depression that can send you backwards in life -but your happiness is also contingent upon the choices you make for yourself in life, are you helping or hurting your present abilities and will your efforts go unnoticed if you don’t continue to make healthy choices for yourself. Some people can get away with drinking, smoking, or eating whatever they want, not all of us are privileged in that way genetically to handle the extra calories some of us must exercise everyday to stay fit lose weight and keep the weight off especially for those of us on meds, it’s not that I let myself go my body let me go as prescribed by my Doctor that wasn’t my choice to gain weight, appearing as an overeater that’s simply not the case. It’s always hard when you don’t look like how you feel on the inside or when you don’t look a way that is acceptable or considered beautiful it makes you not want to be yourself and makes you wish you were thinner so that you’d have more confidence in life and realize your fullest potential and be considered one of the pretty ones. If not you can go to two law schools, not get married, and take your time in life, that was my choice to pursue a career instead of relationships and wait because I was never the prettiest or the smartest always having to work hard to achieve in life nothing given to me not even the ability to maintain a long term relationship without eventually feeling inadequate for marriage. Bipolar really makes you question your self-worth, I wish I was happy then now as diagnosed I have more difficulty losing weight and need to wear makeup to feel pretty. I never used to wear makeup or exercise everyday unless to play club soccer as I did in college and law school. The moment you start trying your best at everything and finally figure out how to look put together you realize how many years passed without a photo to memorialize those moments in life or positive representations of yourself during your best years, it’s only now we take photos everyday, growing up I had a few digital cameras for vacation photos and disposable cameras for nights out with friends, I wish I had more photos and wore more makeup. Those were the best years of my life. Just enjoy where you’re at now and be thankful for all the progress you have made thus far even if you’re not where you want to be, recognition of the problem is the first step to conquering what’s holding you back from realizing your best self and full potential. Good luck! And keep going in life, you never know what’s in store for you in life unless you try, don’t be afraid to try new things in life, and there’s always time to make new friends or to have a new relationship, like now. So happy I met my new boyfriend, someone who believes in me, thinks I’m pretty.


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