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On Your Best Side …

When no ones on your side in life, believe in yourself. When no one believes in you, believe in yourself. When you feel lost, believe in yourself. And when things aren’t going your way in life, believe in yourself. Success rarely is achieved without some failure experienced along the way that teaches us boundaries in life. Often those nervous to your sense of being, do not wish to be mentioned or have some reservations as to your well being and the effect that your mental health issues have to their well being, that’s just others being judgmental toward you. “Bipolar is not contagious.” When you get the help you need, be thankful. When others feel the need to put you in your place, be gracious. It’s not necessary to know where people are coming from to understand them generally speaking, you either can or cannot relate to their experiences in life and it either helps you or does you a disservice to rationalize how and why they are living life the way they are, that’s really none of your business. Whenever anyone puts themselves out there they are at risk of harm, it doesn’t follow that others are put at risk of harm for being mentioned, unless the majority is so dissatisfied with the work product of the producer writing the material that they get written off as doing more harm than good to the reputations of others, who’s fault is it then, for that treatment of a person that others around them get affected having known them. To what extent do you allow that hate to transpire through people to others, and at what point do you stop hating on someone and their work product or abilities in life. Everything takes hard work, that’s not for advertisement who you know in life have or are not friends with anymore in life. If that’s not defamation on a positive note than what are some other examples of how I’ve been affected and in spite of those negative viewpoints (or embarrassments) am still able to achieve in life, and be well liked by others. It’s not a side show to be followed, others may think you need to be bold or be the best to be well liked online but that’s simply not the case, you don’t have to conform to standards not unless you are required to to earn a living and monetize your site, be more commercial. If I’m not famous, then there’s no need to assess and label what my claim to fame is, if I’m not popular then there’s no need to assess my downfall past, if I’m not who I am then it’s not my responsibility to figure out friend losses or why my analytics don’t match my social life in real life, everyone works differently, some able to be themselves best one on one and some able to be at their best in groups of people, we all socialize differently. -The best version of yourself is someone who over the years, has grown, and with that growth matured, and as they’ve matured stabilized, and with stability more comfortable being themselves, and as they have been able to overcome whatever setbacks previously interfered with that growth found themselves anyways. -You don’t have to have it all to be happy, you don’t have to have it all to live life, and you certainly don’t need to defend yourself if others are nervous as to you that has everything to do with them and their happiness and should mean nothing to you, don’t let down your guard to please others at your expense, and don’t play to a crowd to gather more attentions to yourself, and always with grace be respectful of the pro acids of others as well as those who wish not to be known through you. It’s not anyone responsibility to be a platform in life that’s not what blogging is about it’s about sharing your story and others finding comfort in knowing you and hearing your story. That’s why as popular your conform zones are tested by others, and that’s why when popular your sense of comfort gets challenged being around others, remember that’s your comfort zone to manage and it’s no ones fault but your own when your image gets tarnished due to gambling with your comfort zone or the comfort zone of others. Note: If anyone is not accepting of you chances are no matter how much you’ve grown or matured online and in public it will mean nothing to them because they expected you to be this way from the start. Exposure is everything sound, the more stability you’re exposed to the better off you’ll be, if you’re criticizing me for not being a solution to your problems then look to someone else for guidance and that just means we’re not a good fit, personality wise.

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