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Avoid Retaliation …

Learn to make adjustments in life, you cannot please everyone’s interpretations of you. You realize this as a writer, write from your heart not to please a crowd, and certainly not to defend against words not said. Be cognizant but it’s not always necessary to reply to any negative voices you may hear in response to reading your writing to yourself. Be a critical thinker, thinking how can I best explain what it is I’m thinking without hurting my ego or anyone else’s ego. How can I sound smart without sounding stupid. How can I write to benefit the confidences of others not write just to benefit myself. These are all things you learn as a writer how to share what your thinking and educate your audience about your thoughts and why you are having those thoughts and why in the event you are feeling negativity from others why you think others are being negative toward you. That was then this is now. That wasn’t me being experimental with the confidences of others it was letting others feel bigger and better than me to me that was an easier way of letting go than harping on subjects that hurt all of us to hear about, that’s not the solution. Sometimes it’s better to work on yourself and improve mental health wise than it is to lead others on subjects you know less about to prove smarts, that’s not the way toward acceptance. Usually anytime you venture away from your scope of expertise you fail acceptance wise among those who do have expert knowledge on those fields, sometimes viewing you as a threat instead of considering your good graces as being of the merit not for personal gains work hard online. What is the bigger picture acceptance wise? Acceptance of your past and what’s gone wrong, certainly not, acceptance as you are now, exactly my point. One should consistently better themselves before they ask for acceptances from others, and by asking for acceptances I mean #stophate. You should neither need advices nor critique the negative opinions of you held if it only does you a disservice in life. If only known to a few or something said in your phone, then no it’s not okay to extort the truth or critique someone as writing based upon nervousness concerning what people think. Do your best always to represent yourself, some actions are never forgiven including when you either question or turn on anyone as trying to help you and see them instead as a threat to your well being it’s likely they will retaliate on you as though you’re the problem, you’re thinking is the problem, you’re past is the problem, or that their negative opinions of you should be spread among the thoughts of those who think positively of you online and following. Im not one to be flagrant about what’s gone wrong in my life, and behave as someone who doesn’t care what people think, I’m not a confident person, I’m a very sensitive person, and I’ve self-harmed in the past due to bullying absent minded what anyone has thought of me as a blogger online, I’m assuming there’s a ton of lack of forgiveness for not sounding consistently smart or appearing consistently smart and based of if a sharing of my fears deemed responsible for the actions of others to that subject not spoken about, don’t later attack me as though it’s a given that I’ve done nothing to help others or for selfish means come about or out of defenses -it’s in isolation you lose your mind and sense of purpose in life and in that disorganized state let go or felt separate from and when you find yourself again sober & clean then do your best to live life from that point on absent minded what anyone has thought of you or does think of you, successful or not.

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