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Tis the Season to Donate …

It’s time to get clutter free. Just donated 4 boxes of clothes to Salvation Army, there’s an easy drop off on 11th Street & Olympic in Santa Monica. There are many health benefits to donating, “Donating items around the home can actually bring a new sense of peace and calmness to your life!” [1] It’s hard to get any work done with a room overflowing with bins and clothes you don’t wear, as a good rule of thumb if you haven’t worn it in over a year, donate it. -Working from home it’s easy to be a hoarder, collecting everything, saving everything, and getting rid of nothing. Don’t do that to yourself. According “Modern culture has glorified consumption to the point that continually buying more has become the norm. We accumulate more and more and more until we are drowning.” [2] You’re not required to adhere to a minimalist lifestyle but don’t overwhelm yourself surrounded by more than you can manage to clean up daily. It’s hard to focus in an environment where every wall and surface is covered with junk, books, empty water bottles, clothes, and unopened mail -we all do this to ourselves on occasion and it’s a terrible habit to get into. One of the health benefits to decluttering your home is to help create a more breathe-able environment, “Eliminating clutter helps to improve the air quality within a home.” [3] Imagine that. In addition, “decluttering your home can help boost your overall productivity and save you time.” [4] So stop wasting time and get moving toward living a more organized way of life, and de-clutter your room and home. That took one day, and I already feel better!





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