Haphazardly Winning In Life …

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It’s not easy to be a writer these days online, and it’s not all about competition it’s more about staying level-headed to share ones thoughts out loud. It’s easy to work in private harder to work in public, this you learn over the years as a blogger, you face a lot of rejections in life but none more so than the awkward and frantic replies of those around you who know you blog but speak nothing of it as though it’s an identity to hide or be ashamed of. We all share our feelings, some are more accepted than most free to be themselves and others are always cautiously writing so as to appease all sides not just in it for themselves but for greater acceptances of others as well, no longer having to be the white elephant in the room, or someone they’re expecting less of in life, like a disappointment in life, an embarrassment, a failure, or someone who’s presence is unimpressive compared to others they see online and deemed to have worked less hard for the same exemplary work produced online. Who wants to be considered a joke anyways or judged to have encouraged the making fun of others lifestyles or career choices in life. No one wants to be someone who walks into a room and judged from the start in the negative or appear weak in comparison to others in a room of other high performers in life, who’s idea was it anyways to make fun of one person so that everytime they walked into a room would be treated as stupid, who’s idea was it anyways to treat someone smart as stupid, who’s idea was it anyways to get others to think that they were above anyone who empowered or provided to them a shared lifestyle or understanding by a knowing of a person. At what point do you stop allowing others to lead you or be led by others and start taking care of yourself, how much of a duty is it to care for others, and how much of you is required to care for those you bring into your life, that’s not the difference between someone who is used up to someone who has dated few as being less jaded or sweeter than someone who’s dated less that’s as assumption that because one is sweet one is not jaded in fact it’s the exact opposite those who are tough have trouble matching up and settling down and those who don’t match immediately are sweet and able to be platonic friends with others, call that an assumption, but there’s different ways of judging the character of someone who chooses not to date, doesn’t mean that they’re a reject in life and should be treated as desperate or a reject where’s the value in trust anyways when it comes to giving your heart to another. You could just be haphazardly winning in life everytime you’re able to move on absent the negative opinions of others who view your blogging to be of “reject” behavior and not the so-called norm of proper socialization, Who’s to say that anyone is trying to be like or sounds like to minimize the significance of the voice in life lived or livelihood. To who’s detriment is that that unless one is like or lives up to a standard of that similar to that one is not accepted as professional.

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