Navigating Thru Your 30’s …

There is so much pressure nowadays to be fit, perfect, and successful by 30, but that doesn’t always happen. Whether you’re ready to get married, or have just started dating someone new, remind yourself that life’s not a competition. On Facebook we see tons of photos of friends, and family, who have either gotten married, are married, or now just beginning to have kids and raise a family, that’s common to see among 30 year olds, be happy for others, if that’s something you want in life, then go out and get it, no one is stopping you. At times its easy to think that the world is working against you, when things aren’t going your way, I can say 9 times out of 10, those are just your fears getting in the way of self-fulfillment. When you believe in yourself all things are possible, its all a matter of being able to grow and accept all phases of your life, no matter how humdrum or slow, change seems to occur. If youre in recovery, then take it one day at a time, half the battle is just quitting whatever activities are interfering with your progress in life, such as too much time on social media, and cutting back on abusing substances to feel good, such as taking medications as directed. As the saying goes, #dontdodrugs, there’s a reason for that, although it may be tempting while drinking with friends, to afterparty and live the night up, it only does you a disservice in life in the long run. So many mental health issues, result from losing faith when life is stable, and creating instability in our own lives, by navigating off course in life. Its your life, don’t waste time wandering lost, it’s a tough uphill battle to climb your way back to reality, and then come to grips with a past that youre less than proud of, by 30 you are expected to have all of this figured out. There’s a lot of pressure to be perfect, and while we may have expectations of ourselves, so do others of us, however “Don’t let other people’s expectations (or nosy questions) make you rush into something that isn’t right.” [1] Whether that’s overcoming your fears of dating, applying for jobs, or finishing your masters, all of that takes hard work and perseverance, don’t stop setting goals for yourself in life simply because you have fallen short of successful in other areas of your life, its hard to have all three: romance, career, and self-love, and fall off balance when one or the other doesn’t work out for us in life, that’s normal, trust your instincts, change is okay, and don’t let yourself down in life, learn from your mistakes, and be happy with where you are in life, the more present you are to enjoy life, the less life passes you by without any accomplishments or milestones reached, isn’t that what life’s all about, looking back with pride? Love yourself for all that your worth, let no one make you feel small or less than in life, spread your wings, don’t ruffle your feathers, and enjoy the most of you mid-life crisis, whatever may have caused it, always be in control, life’s all about maintaining a positive perspective, don’t isolate, friends are closer than ever on social media, you have no excuses not to spend some time socializing no matter how bad your day gets, checking in always helps. Like any other huge accomplishment you’ve made in life, turning 30 is meant to be celebrated, you made it this far, without comparing yourself to others, you still matter whether you like yourself or not. There’s always time to change, and if life is feeling short, take it day by day. 



Written 11-28-19


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