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You won’t always know where you’re headed in life, part of the process of recovery requires you to live life first and learn from your past, it feels sometimes that those blessings get taken from us but I promise you that feeling comes back, that sense of feeling free, with nothing to fear, motivated, driven, not weighed down by anything monumental in life. Easy does it, first things first, life skills, think what is it that makes you happy? Then do so, read a book, practice self-care, watch a good movie, follow a tv show, watch a ted talk, read an article, journal, there are plenty of ways to replenish your energy stores without spending money, you just have to train yourself to stay home sometimes and feel good about that choice in being disciplined enough to do so. Life’s not all about going out being seen and heard, if not to meet up with friends don’t waste time wandering alone in life, you’ll find yourself lost, rather than found, that’s typically the case to never find exactly what you’re looking for out on your own companionship or love, it never finds you out on your own. Love surrounds love, and the loved is loved, and love attracts love, and who gets love is who has love, and who has love is who attracts love, and who attracts love is who loves themselves. So how does one show that they love themselves besides “wearing a bun and listening to rap music” windows down without a care in the world … if it’s love that drives your sense of happiness in life, then be driven by achievement for love and admiration by others, if it’s happiness you cannot achieve without love then achieve happiness first before finding love, if it’s love you cannot achieve without happiness then achieve self love first – you cannot get what you don’t already have from the other expecting someone to fill voids or provide a feeling back to you it’s there or not there with or without them in your life – wouldn’t you rather fix yourself now than wait only to find out you’re still the same with them around? The solution to your problems is always within you not within others, unless you can figure out what your problem is no one can cure you for you that takes a willingness on your part to fix what’s broken mend what’s torn and better what’s been jaded and once you feel most complete is when the other compliments you best that’s how a pair is made, that shines. The worst feeling is loving someone who is down and out or depressed not feeling good sure we love them and try to lift them but eventually all things take their toll we become just as tired and just as broken and who then do those feelings best serve neither, always think about that, what you cannot do for yourself when you ask for help from another is it worth their time effort and energy or is it something you can fix without their constant love and support? Why people get married, it’s a give and take sometimes a commitment to care for others at some points dependency on others does occur and we need people in our lives to lift us who can’t always be there for us constantly to shift our moods lift our spirits change our minds redirect our thoughts or pull us out of a rut. It takes being around normal to feel normal just like it takes listening to rap music to feel tough or cooler than you are, if life’s all about mood settings and ring requirements to stay on board, then who gets sent adrift in life, if you’re stuck in a rowboat like me or inner tube after a breakup you’re not alone, grab a piece of wood, this team never lets go, we’re 3.7 k strong in followers 1,000 people a day read for 6 minutes at a time on average, we all care, we’re all on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Mix and they all send me 200-400+ Likes per post, none of which show up on my website and that’s okay, it’s the thought that counts! I wanted a Husband but instead I have a Website and a Blog and two books on their Way & Graduating from Law School I’m not sure what that equals … but I’m so happy and proud to be me right now wherever I am in life in the grand scheme scheme of things on the broader spectrum of success online, I would have no idea how I measure up in the professional world of writers respect wise but I’m glad to be beginning a career I love, writing and being social online!

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