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What is work life balance? It requires an equal balance and an ability to make decisions between work and life. [1] More and more I feel like we’re hearing people mention this term when referring to finding balance in their lives, managing their time spent with family, friends, at work, and while focusing on their personal lives and mental health issues, especially while in recovery. On the other hand according for the workaholic focusing too much on work can mean avoiding damaging relationships and overall happiness. [2] It’s been recommended to let go if your need for perfectionism and to make room for more quality time in your life, the more quality time you have the more resilient you become to certain life stressors giving you a “greater sense of control” over your life. [3] Self care is apart of your journey to figuring out what’s important to you, work life balance is different for everyone, best to figure out what it means to you first before judging yourself as incompetent or not doing a good job at living life or could be a better sister daughter friend girlfriend etc, we’ve all felt that way from time to time, when time gets the best of our attentions and we neglect to work on those relationships in life, it hurts, it really does in the long run. Why they tell you to put recovery first if that is your problem and to stick to a program of recovery likewise if it’s work life balance you’re working on set your priorities in life of what’s most important to you and establish firm boundaries so that you can make time for those things or people in your life, what’s incorporated into your life is what amount of time you a lot each week to it, dedicate yourself to what matters to you (ie makes you happy) and from there figure out what else is important to you. Some people even make decisions based off of what energy those choices give them back in life, that’s a good to think about too. [4] Overall “For busy professionals, a work-life balance is incredibly important for happiness.” [5] So continue to practice self care, focusing on your well being, don’t overwhelm yourself too much with the past, what’s done is done, do your best moving forward now to make time for what needs work and get done what can get done, life may be short but it need not be lived in misery or discomfort with self and especially not when around others, that’s the worst being so unhappy out of balance tied up with other things that you can’t even enjoy the company of who’s around you let alone make time to spend with others, that’s a very lonely life to live. So be social, not too social, limit your social media, one loop a day, check your emails daily, stay on top of correspondence, show up to doctor appointments, get your January Calendars ready, make 2020 a great year, excited for everyone, good luck!


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