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First Things First …

It’s always been my dream to finish law school, had it not been for the unconditional support of my parents over the years I would not have continued my legal education, working and re-enrolling, until complete, looking forward to graduating February 28, 2020 when the semester ends and walking in May. I’ve decided to take time off from working at my internship to focus on my Dissertation which is more important to me, than to grind through each week and miss deadlines, so far so good everything’s been submitted on time. Grades are important, it’s a $3000 course, worth finishing the semester strong, and with a finished product I’m proud of. Meanwhile I’ve been busy editing my first book set to be published 2020 with Amazon Book Writing Inc, I’ve been working with them since 2018. It took about 5-6 months to write compiling my writings from online, on Twitter over the years, and about 2 years on and off to edit, while finishing my law degree. You have to be really dedicated to finishing a book it doesn’t just sit well overnight, it takes many revisions, to finally put together a story that represents you well without mentioning others, that was the most difficult part, not mentioning others. It’s hard to tell your story and not have shared parts of your life with others worth sharing, there are many lessons to be learned in life, half of those lessons learned occur through meeting people. Book writing is not common sense, and it’s not easy, you don’t just sit down one day and write 300 pages, it occurs overtime, and as you collect your thoughts you make more and more sense along the way, to me that’s what makes good writing, the fact that it makes sense, it tries to make sense, and it does a good job of making sense of what doesn’t make sense not leaving things up for interpretation or vague for negative interpretations to be made, that would be doing everyone a disservice in life. -I’m a little under the weather this week sick on DayQuil, so have not been blogging as much, focusing on my school work. Just thought to catch up with everyone.

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