The Importance of Education …

When you have an education the skys the limit, in terms of job opportunity, and confidence. Life’s all about confidence, without which, makes it hard to even get started in the first place. Whether you’re a college student, or a graduate student, or trying to get your PhD, you’ll go through many phases throughout your academic career. According to “Without passion and purpose in what you do, there is no meaning.” [1] Those with a clear career path in mind, have many qualities in common, not only are they diligent hard workers, who put 100% effort toward their studies and vocational trainings, but how they are able to “actualize their career plans, to express themselves” [2] is all about timing, and managing your energy stores. The most successful candidates for any job in the workforce “have a zest for living and for engaging in their daily work.” [3] Have positive purpose in life, what are you passionate about, and are you willing to make sacrifices in your life, in order to make work or your studies your “core priority, putting all else aside.” [4] Its hard to go to work and school at the same time, but we do. Its also hard to get a job without having had a job, which is why we work internships and work without pay. All of those experiences matter, pat yourself on the back, you’ve come a long way, that takes a lot of dedication and commitment, to continue to work day in and day out, with hopes for your future reward at some point in time, to establish a career for yourself in a salary paying job, you’re almost there don’t quit. Until you are happy with yourself, will you find joy and happiness in the things that you do. Your happiness comes first above all else, before relationships, and sometimes even before pleasing those around you, you cannot make better or fix what is broken, if you are not whole to begin with, and have some value to you which you can add to any equation and make being around you worth the time and effort spent to see you, or have you work for them. Its been pointed out that “Most people change their careers several times over the course of their working lives; they are seeking an improvement when they make those changes.” [5] So where does that leave you, those “early stages of an academic career … fraught with insecurity” [6] about reaching your academic and professional goals in life. Don’t forget to network, studies have shown that those who spent “a high proportion of working time devoted to research and networking” found more career success and advanced career wise. [7] Staying school “will play to your benefit” in the long run, and those who chose to stay in school are already seeing the results, more job interviews, and more job offers, (speaking from personal experience) “your credentials may make you competitive and even give you an edge.” [8] Keep applying yourself, sometimes you have to apply over multiple job cycles before you find a job, make sure to get your work done.






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