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When you have nothing you have two choices in life to live life irrespective of the harms to you or try to prove others wrong, that’s when it’s time to choose the path of least resistance, and live life, not dig an even bigger hole for yourself in life and subject yourself to unwanted attentions causing you negativity in your life or suicidal ideation over what ifs, you cannot prepare for defeat in life if someone has it in them to destroy you in life they will let them you can always rebuild yourself some are so relentless to prove themselves correct and others wrong that even at the worsened expense of their adversaries do they think twice that’s their idea of keeping going and getting $hit done clearing paths to success which includes removing or dismembering groups people or individuals capable of succeeding in life and limiting their opportunities in life as punishment based on how they feel what they see what they think what they predict what’s at their expense to care without remorse for your condition or who may be affected by your downfall in life even if it results in the death of a loved one, that’s not my error to pitch and get help that was an offer to help and rescinded post pitching that’s not my fault if I was rejected as a person of professionally standing with a coherent purpose education or background fit to be helped by a certain group of individuals who did not believe in me or the causes to which I supported at the time, seeking instead to prove illness not care sickness not love and claim indifference to my need to be heard or get help, punished me for caring out loud. That’s not my fault. I was questioned I responded that was not my idea an open invitation online to your and a Q&A guided not by me. I’m not an aggressive person to treat me as though I was desperate I was connected to and upon being connected to attached. That’s business. Indifferent to causes with concern only for their own wellbeing and reputations in life regardless at who’s expense suffers mark a wrong before proven wrong that’s out of their own misconduct or choices not my fault for showing up via invitation. That’s discrimination. To treat someone as an addict taking as prescribed simply because you do not agree with the platform from which they chose to blog, Twitter. I now have a website and wrote three books. It’s my choice to live life and work and any unreasonable interference with my ability to live life and be able to provide for myself is based upon who I know how I behaved online and thinking to punish me on behalf of everyone as though I knowingly made anyone who knew me sad or uncomfortable as a writer online an advocate in public, then be sued claiming one does not know me, that’s frivolous, then if not known to what extent was one harmed by a hashtag and 90k fans, a chosen referenced side-kick to a campaign credited for allowing me to pitch. Why not to mention anyone in public without permissions as they don’t want to be associated to anyone they don’t know. My best friends Dad’s jersey stood up top their stadium to their college until 2006, I was her best friend growing up since Age 4, the court papers say that he did not know me, [but he called my Mom], and like such was treated like a nobody as though I was up to no good punished by the courts. Why is it okay for him to collect my writings for suit but not okay in the reverse to stop by his work after meeting him a friend request accepted try to talk to him again be ignored rejected professionally why are those professional relationships not maintained what gives them the right in tech to hear you pitch them cut off all contact not respond, why the silent treatment? Why is that okay to not respond to any follow ups to an interview, that was normal to follow up, not normal to not be nice and respond at least with an automated email of options for assistance or explanation.

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