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Establish your sense of peace and so does everything else follow in life in your favor how good luck is made when you’re stability decisions wise with forethought for the repercussions of your choice words and actions whether directly or indirectly being of consequence to the thoughts and deductions made by others -be sound. It’s having a firm belief in yourself and your definition of normal what works best for you and given your experiences in life able to be yourself excel stay motivated without succumbing to negative peer pressures in life or heed bad advices concerning your current options in life not all will think well of you it’s important to think well of oneself and others how good thoughts are made, not upon worries worries for losses or illness be affected in the shoes of another take on more than we can handle in life unless it directly involves you speak up if it’s your health speak up it doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks less of you it’s a catty competition over having a good perspective these days sharing in common what works and only feeling bettered by what makes us feel reinforced in life not broken down, of value, confident, not at fault, resilient, wise, and deserving, not giving up it’s all about maintaining a good attitude in life your best self is you when you were well you cannot replicate the past not all will understand your circumstances experiences or life pressures or limitations but keep going when things get better it’s easier to speak than to try to make better any situation that isn’t already working in your favor, where there’s no trust, no admiration, where there is no room for independent thought, there’s insecurity, so long as one seconds hate toward another or individuals over who’s more mature than who and over who makes sense then no middle ground can be achieved when all commentary and confidences are based upon destruction of progress destruction of wellness destruction of accolade destruction of purpose destruction of rapport or destruction of livelihood the damages are incomprehensible when people are forced to give up in life because of labels forced to take a back seat to others based upon their judgements and negative viewpoints of them what’s stupid is stupid to care for anyone other than yourself is not stupid to not know how to respond carefully without experience is normal. -For the time being I’ve decided to limit my participation on social media to focus on writing longer posts and prose that represent my thoughts better than in short hand or by humor or in private messages brainstorm outloud my ideas about life concerns or present condition there’s a such thing as too much accountability and transparency I’ve done my very best to share as much as possible to continue building rapport and trust that will hopefully support no conversations about me nor educated ones treat me as a subject of study to my own work and information provided to them made available that’s not the purpose of sharing to get hurt by what is shared as not being good enough or intelligent by what is read by that point it’s your energy to produce depreciated by another’s energy seeking to devalue your hardwork and effort if I was not of value I would not be read nor be subjected to attack that’s not deserved. #stopsuicide

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