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I’ve Always Wanted …

If you want what you’ve never had to get it you have to be disciplined. Stability means everything worthwhile while achieving your goals. It’s when we’re unstable we become fearful, it’s when we doubt ourselves, our luck runs out. Small steps everyday means pacing yourself taking it day by day as you recover and get stronger. To make a full recovery you have to believe in yourself. Who cares what others think, at a time like this you need to love yourself no matter what, if they’re around they’re around your happiness should not be dependent upon who loves you or wants to be with you, sometimes we have no one, and that’s okay. I know it’s lonely, I know it’s overwhelming, I’ve been there, what I’d tell my younger self, just stick with it, sobriety that is, getting sober is the hard part staying sober is the easy part, learning to say no, setting boundaries and not go back down the rabbit hole so to speak. Exactly how do you want to feel need to feel in order to be happy? Then do what you need to do in order to achieve that state of being and find your purpose again in life. It’s so hard to stay motivated these days, easily letting ourselves down the minute we get side tracked into negative thinking or self defeative thoughts, don’t beat yourself up, be on your side in life, you don’t have to take the side of those who don’t believe in you, convince yourself you’re worthless and stop trying hard in life. Always do your best to make a good impression and don’t think for a minute that special considerations will be made in light of your past to accommodate your ups and downs, if you want to be treated as equal and a normal member of society start acting like one, we all have problems, don’t bring anyone down in the process of figuring yourself out and let go of resentments. If you want to move on to bigger and better things then prove that you’re a different person now with potential -in your 20s slip ups are forgivable in your 30s more maturity and independence is expected of you. You only have one life to live and if you’re not happy about your past then you only have one choice but to move forward, less is more, better not to overwhelm those coming into your life by what’s passed, and create more room acceptance wise for who you are now. Don’t self sabotage and build sides against yourself in life bigger than those sides were to begin with, nothing’s impossible unless you make it so. Accept where you are now, who you are now, and never give up. The less you complain the more time you have to appreciate what’s around you, always be grateful for the life you have whether or not things are perfect, to have a better life you have to first start with appreciation for what you do have going for you in life not be limited by what you don’t have in life, that’s being positive, always see the glass as half full if you want more opportunities to avail themselves to you, don’t stop moving forward -each day is a day to better yourself, don’t waste time getting wrapped up in negative cycles of thinking, the easiest way out of a rut is through goal setting and being task oriented, then once you feel better and have made progress in life can reflect upon what needs work, but only you can build that positive momentum for yourself.

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