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Put in the Defensive …

Whenever anyone puts you in the defensive just ignore the discomforts of others especially if on behalf of Ari Emanuel that’s none of your business what is discussed in private or with my attorney or therapists who approve of me having pen pals. I think it’s wrong to assume that someone is up to no good simply because they are not behaving in a way favorable to your comforts in life that’s not a product of sides being created that’s a result of the continued misinformation about me and the subsequent treatment of me as someone who is mentally ill, how I deal with my problems alone in the privacy of my own own is no ones business journaling or writing in my phone, that’s neither offensive nor should be brought into question as abnormal to have so much to say after being quiet for so long. I’m not asking for your compassion or friendship as a blogger or even for you to follow especially if you are someone who feels put at odds by my continued well being means you feel in competition with me for well trains of thoughts as though my thoughts or influence in life is not admirable or classy take on life you do not wish that women or men you like be influenced by me and lose matches in life sex and jobs don’t work that way. Unfortunately that’s a personal problem you have with me trying to keep me scared of people and home or scared to socialize in fear of what people think of me no one knows me the blogging audience threshold is worldwide not by neighborhood grown in popularity feed of who you know initially as contributing to your likeability later in life I use no ones identity to be more well liked I’m a Corporation and well liked because I’m original and likeable, human. I’ve been through a lot the formula for success online writing requires years of building rapport with your audience. That’s trust not trying to be Queen B I think it’s really insulting to be marginalized as someone competing with others for attentions in life or resources as though we are running out of men money and jobs I can always find something else if not provide for myself I’m independent of others not needy in love that is natural to become in need that is my mistake to give my heart to another. Be more understanding less judgmental.

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