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Letting go is no easy task in fact it could just be the first step in overcoming any and all unwanted emotions associated with your fear of moving forward in life whether that be calling an old friend, responding to an ex, going back to a job, starting a new job, finishing a project, starting a new project, or beginning a new relationship. Sometimes we get caught in between and freeze, not knowing when to start, how to begin, or how to go about things in a way that doesn’t make us look desperate or needy, much of us wants to appear independent yet at the same time we want to have it all meaning people in our lives to share our lives with. Don’t get mad at yourself for falling off the social bandwagon, if you were taking time to focus on yourself then just hope that others will be forgiving of you for the time lost without keeping in touch, life goes on, choose to be in their lives of not. Do something don’t just sit there, text, call, take the initiative once you get better to get back in touch with others and be social. According to psychcentral.com “When you’re frustrated, it can feel like nothing is under your control and everything is chaos. It’s hard to know where to begin. When you’re flooded with emotion, it’s difficult to think straight.” [1] It can be an overwhelming feeling to feel behind in life, don’t beat yourself up over things or decisions past you have the rest of your life to live and so many years of progress left for you to realize your complete potential life’s not half as bad as you make it out to be sometimes less is more try not to be too dramatic over losses in life and just handle things like an adult be mature always in control of your emotions. Sometimes the most successful people are not people without problems in life (we all have problems) but great problem solvers, able to get out of a bind and think their way back to sanity always level headed, you cannot predict what life throws at you sometimes we get set off center, regroup, be patient, let the dust settle, allow time to speak for itself, you don’t always have to explain how everything happens just make your life happen in a way that’s cognizant of the lives others lead and make choices that continue to benefit you and others around you, when you’re well everything around you seems well that’s just how life works. Let go of your need to control what others think of you, that is not in your power, how others read and interpret your medical history or past, the best you can do moving forward is show that you’ve changed, healed, and overcome your troubles so that they grow out of the expectation of worry for your condition and stop predicting the worst of you -surround yourself with people who believe in you, think you’re smart, so that you can achieve the best version of yourself, show that you have the potential to succeed in life, these are but temporary conditions in life mental health issues, like all storms they pass, if you allow them too and with proper coping skills and cognitive behavioral techniques continue to manage yourself in a way conducive to minimizing your symptoms until you can function, set goals, achieve goals, and live life without feeling sorry for yourself, we can’t all be perfect, eventually you have to accept yourself the way you are bipolar or not.


[1] https://blogs.psychcentral.com/your-life/2016/05/10-steps-to-overcoming-frustration/

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