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For the Same Reasons …

For the same reasons you wish to be desired valued and loved you will find in the same one day maybe not now maybe not when you’re looking for romance but allow things to come around in their good timing. When you are at peace with yourself you’ll attract things into your life and be given choices the more choices you have the better off you are that’s just in my opinion. The moments when I’ve felt most powerless have been when I feel like my options are few. Always find time to regroup during any difficult moments in life and take a step back think to yourself what could you have done a better job of: loving, listening, caring, empathizing, showing compassion, giving time to, what we’re the reasons for any sudden discord in your life or to your relationships in life. It’s common when single or alone to reassess and reevaluate previous relationships and wonder these things but don’t be too hard on yourself.

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