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The Times are Tough …

My best advice would be to stay in motion. During my toughest battles with bipolar I’ve done just that … set a regular schedule, set goals, kept up with chores, and kept moving forward. A little processing goes a long way but not to the extent that you spend more time thinking than the time spent doing in life. Always make sure to keep a healthy balance. For me going to AA meetings was a great way to reflect for an hour and hear what others have to say for an hour, and to me that was plenty amount of time each day to get grounded, coupled with daily prayer. Reading is also a great way to get settled, for the same reasons I struggled with bipolar, I decided to stay in law school and finish my masters whether or not I was going to be an Attorney it mattered more to me to finish than to not finish at all and have my hard work go unrecognized. Reading in law school was extremely therapeutic, it left me feeling well and settled each day and accomplished not to mention it also made me feel smarter too. When you set goals for yourself you automatically move forward in life, whether it’s cleaning your closet, or finishing a book you’re accomplishing something and that in turn rewards you with good feelings, something to think about. So don’t be too hard on yourselves, like in AA, take it one day at a time.

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