Grow from Your Mistakes …

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When you’re feeling less than perfect, think about all the progress you’ve made thus far, what kept you going and what set you back.

1. Write a list of affirmations each day remind yourself of how special you are.

2. Write a list of your strengths and weaknesses and recognize what needs work and do so.

3. Check in with friends and loved ones, when you isolate the only person you’re hurting is yourself, don’t let the hurt fester, check in.

Only you can take preventative steps, know your limits with people, and know when to stop saying yes to everything people pleasing. Your happiness comes first not always the happiness of another. And if you are pleasing someone at your own expense in life then it’s not worth the hurt of getting mad at yourself when you feel less than. Don’t let things get to the point when you feel completely helpless and out of sorts. That’s all they do, insult, don’t you get it, it’s about control. Them trying to control you at your expense don’t allow yourself to get used and defeated by people who only care about themselves and trash you online to make themselves feel better about themselves like your life is disposable it’s not!

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