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Hearing What You Want …

We don’t always hear what we want, especially from those who think they know us better than we know ourselves. People love to tell you how they think things are. It’s like someone who thinks they know you and are better than you are somehow entitled to putting you down in life or insulting you. If someone cares about you they won’t hurt your feelings like that. Don’t be ruled by your insecurities in life. And don’t allow others to capitalize on your insecurities in life take advantage of your kindness and openness. Some only want to get to know you to help themselves and when they don’t get their way destroy you from the inside out. That’s what makes relationships hard, being open about your feelings and then feeling shot down by the commentary from others criticizing who we are and why we are the way we are. Surround yourself with people who nurture you and support you and foster your personal growth. And anyone else who is trying to make you look bad, embarrass you, inflict blames, or insults to cause you to question yourself, doesn’t deserve your time and attention. You only have one life to live learn to be happy with yourself, you might get mad at yourself for giving this person the time of day to get to know you but take it as a learning lesson you may get close to people in life who no longer serve your best interests and at that point it’s okay to separate yourself from them. Get support and don’t keep your feelings and experiences to yourself and allow someone to hurt you and intimidate you into thinking you have to please this person to be nice to you because you have no other options in life at preventing this person from harming you.

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