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Often times when we feel insulted, we become grumpy, and in not feeling good about yourself because someone has triggered feelings within you to ruin your mood, you feel lost, and when lost not your usual self. I for instance used to be very animated, talkative, open to meeting to new people, not judgmental or picky, as I got older … well nothing has changed about me, just how happy I am with myself. Learn to forgive it’s not the types of people or by what they look like or sound like that have the power to devalue you once connected to you or crossing through your life that make you feel poorly about yourself, it’s how you feel about yourself is what matters most. So learn to let go of what you think people are thinking while looking at your life and who’s in your life or by who your surrounded by judge you and the rest of your audience as being similarly off beat out of touch with reality or criminally minded, thats just characteristic of those who seek to love you privately and involve money in the process of giving you love take money from you. If you don’t need love that badly then don’t talk to people who see opportunity in having you in their lives to be known in a positive way with attentions drawn to you get attention for themselves as hero disclosed as though they are a confidant to your audience spreading rumors and lies about your good character bad mouth you to the public to make themselves feel better about themselves. If you complied with all requests and if there is no longer love you cannot force a person to give love to someone they no longer love or trust that hurts my heart and causes me unwanted aggravation as though I’m obligated to care confide in trust or continue on in a relationships where everything’s a one way street, it is how he sees it, without consideration of the damage that has been done to my image and reputation online for having a sick relationship with someone who used me lured me into trusting him sexually only to expose me online as though I came on to him and needed love from him, I just needed someone to talk to. Those photos were demanded by him to be made against my will, not in the mood sexually, and not in my good taste nude, he made me look disgusting to the entire world and he won’t stop hurting me and doesn’t care how that makes me feel or my fans only cares about himself like he’s entitled to hurting me online and send emails insulting me expecting a conversation to carry on and if I don’t reply posts embarrassing videos and photos on pages. This is beyond obsession this is someone who capitalized on my condition as bipolar vulnerable and willing to love and be friends with a stranger who deceived me and hurt me then inflicted blame upon me like I’m asking for trouble or as though I’ve ever done anything to harm him or “lie” to him I’ve always been 100% honest, about my life and my condition and share everything online even my first book! Which I spent thousands of dollars on writing and editing and it’s not complete yet.

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