Enjoy the Journey …

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Whether you are trying to get sober or start a new company, you have to make a decision at some point to quit doing what you are doing in place of activities and thinking that help get you to where you see yourself one day. So enjoy the journey, which includes building better habits, starting a new routine, and practicing better coping mechanisms in the event you are faced with stress, and whether or not you are making the type of progress you expect to have made given what you are doing. There is always time to retrace our steps, and improve upon what it is we are doing now to determine whether or not what we are doing is going to help us get to where we need to be in the future. So have faith, there will always be new opportunities for self-growth it’s all a matter of tapping into the right resources in life to helping you cope such at networking or going to therapy, going to AA meetings, reading recovery blogs, joining groups online or in person for support. You have options in life try to remember that your only limit is you. Good luck!

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