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What is Love …

Some lessons are harder to learn than most, and no matter who you give love to remember to also love yourself, while making the other person feel of value, like God. That’s the benefit of being attentive to the ones you love, it makes them feel heard, acknowledged, and recognized. When you’re not paying attention to the ones you love it can cause them to question you, be hard on you, and need convincing that you are okay that everything is okay, or that you are focused on the right things in life absent minded them, and not ignoring them on purpose. No one who gets insulted feels above anyone in life thats just what they think looking at you, by the strength of your character judge you as someone who’s potential has already been realized not understanding your growth and potential for improvement still existing in the future for you, thats faith, believing in oneself, and without fear accepting and believing in another, also recognized as trust, in acceptance of another’s needs without question and at peace with themselves without hearing from another or getting to be around them neither unstable upon detachments in life. I’m the type of person who has had the same best friends my whole life always picking up from where we left off thats just how I am with friends have always had long term friends and long term relationships. I don’t like excitement and not a fan of drama but easily worked up in life into dramatic conversations about life and how I feel based on how I am being made to feel in life based on something someone has said to me to insult and degrade my identity and who I am in public, treated like trash in an unhumane way, maybe they are in acceptance and don’t see nudity as a big deal thats because they are not me and have no idea what it feels like physically to be looked at nude by 17,000 people on Facebook without my permission. So love yourself but not at the expense of another persons comfort it’s not necessary that you share your turn ons in life, turn offs, expectations, wants, needs, pet peeves, insecurities, or issues in a non therapeutic setting, all therapeutic settings take place in a non-judgmental space thats so as not to disturb upon opening up what’s said out loud, which includes photos behaviors and actions of someone in private as directed by someone who looks at everything like my life is a joke for interpretation be compared or similarly put down in life. I met Jonah Hill at my house in High School, who the F are you to judge my sexuality, or need to preserve my body and my health for love and marriage and not F around and that includes online, accept what love is given, and don’t expect someone to share everything with you be naked in order to feel empowered or satisfied with ammunition to hurt them publicly trash them, if you asked to see me naked don’t show everyone a photo of me naked to make me look like some desperate offender like I don’t have options in life or like I can’t get laid in real life. Have a heart.

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