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Interrupted & Unmotivated …

As soon as you get rejected or insulted take a deep breath. Don’t internalize the pain that has been caused to your well being and suck the motivation out from you. Afterall failing or living up to negative expectations of you results in just that, pleasing the one to whom attentions have not been given, and righting their wrong toward you, when thinking rejection or insult is the solution to reinforcing their own intuitions about you like you deserve what pain is being served to you in life like you deserve to be ignored as though you can handle the heat or instability of negativity or wonder about them or what they’re thinking about you or how they interpret you make them feel important like their judgement of you should dictate your direction in life or affect how you feel about yourself. How much power are you willing to give away in life to those you think care, will care, or have not cared about you stability and well being. And when the pain of embarrassment hits, and when your luck runs out, when your positive momentum gets shut down, when you don’t feel like doing anything anymore, remember who you are, and don’t allow anyone to cause you to question your self-worth and what you deserve in life, respect, trust, love, support, compassion, forgiveness, not pain and suffering and insult via rejection. If they hurt you and don’t want you in their lives then you don’t need them in your life either even if they are nice to you once they wake up from what they did to you apologize, if it requires you to prove yourself to extremes and share what’s important to you or secret like a book you’ve been working on developing for 3 years, then yes it will be painful to let go of something you valued and wanted to earn a paycheck from which has now been devalued upon sharing for the sake of proving you are smart and don’t deserve to be hurt by others trashed because you are of value, and your work is of value to your readers. Something someone reading can’t appreciate ones intelligence thinks they’re smarter than the writer, reading is easy, writing from scratch is hard. *Called Judge Brown today, it will take awhile to figure out why I am being treated as stupid then attacked by people when I want out and no longer love them pay attention to them. #stopsuicide

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