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Being proud of yourself means having the patience to grow, love yourself in the process of learning, and having faith in good things to come. When you lose all of that life can feel difficult, the times unfixable, and your problems impossible to overcome. No one can guide you through your issues until you are willing to speak about what’s been bothering you so that you can begin the process of healing. Just when I thought the worst was behind me I was again tested in life when a pen pal decided to turn on me. Never go looking for love or friendship online it never ends well. And no they are not doing you any favors in life, go out into the world and make friends and date in real life, that’s just being avoidant of reality. And they can hurt you the same however in a much worse way. Never be surprised when someone else takes their unhappiness out on you, especially online. If you’re sharing your life online then be prepared to be met with skepticism, that’s someone not believing in you, and if they don’t believe in you trying to get others to not believe in you too and that can hurt, hurt how you feel, hurt how others feel about you, make you a less credible source, and hurt your reputation and self-esteem that is your motivations in life to write, to live each day well, and to stay positive. So keep your head up, less is more, and do your best to move on from people who no longer serve your best interests and who cause you harm.

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