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Don’t Go Backwards …

Whatever you do, don’t go backwards. Any process of recovery requires you to continue on your path and stay on course. Don’t give up simply because you’re having a bad day or because you’re feeling challenged. You can’t cut corners in life and there are no short cuts, you’ll just have to take the long way. Remember if you take ten steps back you’ll eventually have to take ten steps forward again, so don’t even get started in the first place. It’s not worth testing your limits, you’ll just have to figure out a way to cope that doesn’t involve abuse of substances in order to get your way, achieve a feeling, or numb out what’s not going right for you in life. So be strong. We all find feel stuck sometimes. You know what not to do. So long as you have that much figured out figuring out what to do will be that much easier. It’s when you’re doing what you’re not supposed to be doing that you feel most alone. Don’t further isolate yourself when you have a problem and make it more difficult for you to get help, and get going again in life. So have faith, take it one day at a time, be patient with yourself, and stay in the solution. Good luck!

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