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If you live for the moment you forget that in watching you others may be seeing something else. That’s being focused and being watched. I’m not sure what effect that has on others, when you keep busy, focused on yourself, that makes it easier for them to watch you or watch what you’re doing. That’s looking at someone, without expectation, don’t be so easily threatened. There is living life, and then there is living life for attentions to be watched. If I can give any advice to anyone about how to be in order to be well liked it would be to focus on yourself. Sometimes the more you focus on others the more self conscious you become, worrying instead of doing, or becoming defensive for no reason, as watched by others. Those are general tricks for generating a reaction from someone insecure to appear more secure or confident than them and to make them feel smaller uncomfortable that’s being looked at and made to feel uncomfortable. By this time it’s water under the bridge. You just have to move forward. The more poised and put together you are the more respected you’ll be. Confidence occurs over time for me it was graduating with honors studying 5 hours everyday then getting into law school, then I lost confidence, then I got confidence back getting into another law school then graduated, then lost confidence, and now it’s building a blog only time can tell whether I’ll lose confidence again for any number of reasons but I know this much by now, never to trust anyone else with my heart, until I’m ready to bond. #justiceroberts <3

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