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Living to Please …

Start from within what is it that drives you in life and gives you the courage to survive. Now simplify matters beginning with what’s most important to you. A cost benefit analysis of risk to benefit can always help you when making decisions concerning your health. What will it mean to you to engage in thinking that only brings you down in life, exactly how bad have you been and do you really deserve to be made to feel bad about yourself. Think not why is this being done to me but instead wonder why am I allowing these feelings to occur within me. What’s it to them, and what’s it to you. What does it mean to be proud. And what’s the cost of embarrassment. Your self esteem matters and never convince yourself otherwise that you don’t matter. Mattering begins with mattering to yourself. When you matter to yourself you will matter to others. It doesn’t require deep concentration to center yourself all that matters is that you don’t fill your head with doubt and self-blame the kind of thinking that makes you feel $hitty. Don’t allow other people to make you feel that way about yourself work hard until you feel like you’ve become someone who deserves the best treatment in life and recognize when that happens for you everyone nice around you, more pleasant experiences, and less affected by what’s going on around you. That’s strength. So continue to normalize your feelings, don’t be too hard on yourself, and keep your head up.

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