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Play it by Ear …

No matter what things look like on the outside, don’t forget what your doing with your life as your living it. It’s so easy to get sidetracked overthinking, it’s hard to change your thinking, if your constantly stuck trying to figure out yourself , when you’re feeling off center. It happens, it’s not your fault, not because of your thinking or the thinking of others. Like most, we figure out life as we go, life isn’t made for you, a place you walk into where everything suddenly starts to make sense to you in a way that makes you feel lifted and capable again in life, that new sense of serenity and life purpose comes from within although there will always be those who pat themselves on the back on your way back from whatever was ailing you in life, is really none of the business of others, to match thinking’s of when one was not feeling well to say that all who are not well think the same or exhibit the same types of off centeredness as anyone deemed less than admirable to most by look or demeanor. Super negative huh, it happens, things made out to be worse in your mind than they really are, that much about life you’ll eventually have to forget, when it stops mattering means your need to be well outweighs your need to know or understand why’s in life that’s letting go, a natural sequence of events, thinking about, getting confused, maybe hurting, then choosing a different frame of mind from the outset of a challenge faced not fully prepared to respond to in life, in a mature way, that’s life happening to you. When you start living life again, establish a rhythm to your day, never forget why, just like affirmations reminders past serve as reference to inform you of certain stopping points and the sickness you feel thinking about is Gods way of telling you to think about something else in life, the sooner you pick up on that the sooner those feelings leave you along with all the negative non existent happenings that spin out of control in your processing department, continue to have faith in the good that will come from doing the right thing, there’s room for peace in that whether realized in the immediate or a later happening it will happen for you or someone somewhere somehow, have faith.


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