Love Lives On …

It’s not a perfect ending going back to my ex, but rather a new beginning. Somewhere to start beyond the chaos that surmised between myself and my thinking about things with nothing positive coming to fruition for me until I began writing. There’s so much value in discovering yourself and re-discovering yourself. Always keep in mind what for? You eventually have to accept yourself as you are no matter who’s by your side there’s a lot of strength in being comfortable with yourself no matter who is watching just have faith. You would think that success would bring the right people into your life it doesn’t the exact opposite can occur reaching out for help just be careful. If you know where you belong don’t get lost. We don’t all have a Cinderella moment in life, and suddenly become princess in any castle of thoughts, that’s an identity you have to mature in order to achieve, becoming a woman proud of yourself with a good grasp of reality and what life’s about, it’s okay to be loved.


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